Monday, June 28, 2010

Cedar Run Show

So it was miserably humid on Saturday. So I had a plan. I'd warm up for about 20 minutes and then take a breather and do my first test.

So it's time. I was up for Training Level test 2. All in all I was happy with her test. Our canter was our weakest issue with our departures being the main problem. We got 5s on the transition into the first canter, and what was my fault I asked her for the downward transition to early. I'm used to doing training test 1 first.

Judge said very well matched and capable pair. yay! :)

We scored 63.21% and got 3rd. Besides the technical aspect I was very proud of her. She wasn't as fussy as she use to be in the area and she wasn't spooky or letting things bother her.

We took a break. I offered her water but she wasn't interested. I sat in the AC for a bit to cool myself down and drank plenty of fluids.

Now for Training Level Test 3. Now with the issue of canter departures I wasn't feeling real confident. It's something that we'll have to continue to work on. And since I haven't had a lesson in about a month I haven't had eyes picking at me.

We ran into the first canter. And the second canter she really didn't like the soccer match in the distance so she ran out and then our circle became a oblong funky thing. So she slammed us on that.

In my head I scored us on a 56% I thought it wasn't good. But we scored 61.60% and placed third. Her walk is always what she scores well on. Otherwise we generally scored 6's besides that one canter transition.

We need to develop rounder topline with more consistent activity and more suppleness.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Failed First Flight

So last night I went to the barn early at 6:00pm. I was going to do barn stuff and then go to Borders to work on a new short story. So I'm cleaning my stall and then I moved to the water bucket. I see this ugly black thing and I'm like omg she pooped in her waterbucket. Then I peered closer and ewe it's a dead bird.

I then noticed that there were air bubbles. So I immediately whisk the bucket and bird outside. I scooped the little guy out and he was very grateful. I walked inside the office to talk to the barn treasurer and apparently the little guy was a big fan of AC. He was totally chilling in my hand. But I worried that he might get a chill in the cold air.

I called my friends and one told me about a wildlife rescue hotline. So I went to the closest vet and she gave me the number. I call it and the lady calls me back 40 minutes later. She said to put him back and his parents will come back for him.

I let Lilly inspect him, but she thought I had a treat and was about to munch on him. *x*
He just has to survive the barn cats. I'm not sure if he'll make it. But it's up to Mother Nature.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trying to Avoid the Lighting Strikes

Last night I got on. I heard the storm in the distance and figured I had at least twenty minutes.

Mr. Storm said nope. As soon as I was happy with her walk, and asked her for a trot. I saw flashing. Yup good ole lighting. So as soon as I could I hopped off and ran to the barn. Something spooked Lilly I think it was the groundhog not the thunder.

I untacked her and fed her her dinner and noticed the huge monsoon that rolled in. It came down hard for about 25 minutes. I did a little mucking and I scratched all of Lilly's favorite spots. I'm usually never in her stall during a thunderstorm, but she was totally chill. Rain's all going crazy and she was chill. I guess all that bombing the Marines do, it's just another day in the neighborhood.

After the storm finished and the sky cleared up again. I tacked her up again and rode. She has a habit of really clenching her jaw and it really hurts my shoulder. I'm used to holding the reins between my ring and pinky fingers. But I held it with my fist. When she pulls hard it's easier on my shoulder.

It's been the continuation of trying to get her softer on the bit and to accept it. I'm glad to say that our fights generally are lessening in time. (Instead of 45 minutes now 30, haha).

Last ride her canter departures were awesome, but either due to footing or maybe she was tired, they were a little sketch. But I got a few good departures and she was a rock star. She was on the bit, she was moving forward a good way to end the night.

My show in Saturday. Riding at 9:26 and 10:06. Thank goodness for morning rides, let's hope I get to beat the heat.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Turning up the Heat

Extreme Winter Extreme Summer.
The heat has been icky.
For the weekends I'm trying to get to the barn and ride at like 6:00am. I can do it, just going to take some restructuring of my morning. I won't get to sleep in, but oh well that's what mid-day naps are for.

During the week I think I'll feed the ponies at 5:30pm when I get back from work and then go back out at 8:00 to take care of chores and then ride.

I lunged Lilly on Saturday. It was suppose to be just a simple lunge. 10 minutes one direction switch and then 10 minutes the other way.

Lilly has a lot of race-lineage. So I joke and say the TB has engaged in her head. She seems to tilt her head and her eyes get a little crazy and she just RUNS! She would not stop running. She also bucked and tripped again. ::augh:: So after like 10 minutes of running, she finally settled down and I could work with her sanely.

I had to cool her out another 45 minutes. I didn't get home until 10:00pm. So much for cooking out with dad.

That day was a bad calorie day too. I think I got like 200 calories that day. Had planned on eating dinner, but when I got home I passed out. *x*

Show on Saturday...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Side Saddle Experience

So yesterday I went to my first side saddle lesson. After sitting in traffic for nearly 1 and half I was at Fox Whisper Farm owned by Davera Ackenbom. She was super nice and I rode a mare named Kita (I believe).

She went over tacking up and a little of history. She's a ton of knowledge on side saddle. Then I got on! She gave me a leg up and I hit the poor mare in the hip. Not very lady like. :P But I was on. Then she showed me where to put my legs.

I think the toughest thing was I'm use to putting my heel down but it's opposite in side saddle you have to keep your heel up.

She didn't let me ride with the curb, just the snaffle until I get my seat better.

So after all the adjustments she had me walk. It was totally different, but completely awesome. I was smiling like crazy throughout the lesson.

During my lesson she taught me how to walk and how to trot. We also went into the side saddle post. Which was totally awkward. But I managed it. She said I'm a natural. :D She'll have me walk-trot-cantering and jumping in no time. I'm like ahhhh.... jumping.... ?!?!

Holding the reins was different. I need to hold them a bit to the side. She told me I'm going to be sore. I was. I still am. Especially my left side near my waist and hip. My legs last night were sore. When Cherie and I got out of my car to Chipotle my muscles weren't happy with me.

I'm definitely going to call her and schedule another lesson in the near future. It's kind of addicting.

Cherie got a video clip that I'll post later. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Budi Tulodo Clinic

I just realized I never posted pics of the Budi Tulodo clinic. Budi's Lilly's farrier and he also helped me train her when she was 4yo and 5yo. Budi's like Lilly's uncle. haha. I told Budi if I ever breed her and get a "jumper" baby he could "have" him or her.

This week was my birthday week. I am 26 years old. I have a few grey hairs popping out, but otherwise I feel great. I've lost some weight since December. My awesome tall boots no longer fit so I'll have to go to Dover and have them redone. *x*

I didn't get a chance to really ride that much this week. Been running around like crazy.

I rode Monday just to see how Lilly was doing under saddle. She rocked. No lame steps and it seem like we picked up where we left off 2 weeks ago.

I also had a chance to hop on today before we got an angry storm. My lesson kid unfortunately couldn't ride, the storm started as soon as she hopped on.

I usually get a birthday present to myself, but I missed out on a sale at equestrian collections, so darn. They were Ariat full seat for only $23 bucks! But next paycheck I will be getting new breeches. I need show breeches.

I have entered the Cedar Run show on June 26th. It was that or Vada/Nova, but Cedar Run is closer.

I've been working with Kelly but I think I need a Budi workout next time around. Budi's a great trainer and a great friend. We'll see.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Today's the Day

Barring any random wierd weather I will get back on Lilly tonight. Her still looks ugly, but she's sound. She's back to her regular grouchy mareself. So all signs look good.

Excited. Can't wait to have my mare back.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A little bit of this a little of that.

So a few weeks ago I bought a pair of Dressage Sports boot at a yard sale for $5. They are in good shape. Since she's been out of comission I kept them at my house. Well last night I decided I was going lunged her and put them on her. They fit! She looked snazzy. Of course if I were to get the hind pair I'd have to shell out $65. *x*

I lunged Lilly last night. She was dead the first direction. Then I switched directions and asked her for a canter and she went YEEEHAWW! She was bucking, then she mislanded and tripped and fell. Of course my heart went into my throat. Then I yelled at her "I don't need another vet bill!" Then from that point forward her bucking was a little more tame.

The swelling in her hock seems to have gone down. There is a touch of heat, but it's just near the cut. But it's been getting better not worse. No more puss. yay.

So she'll get a day off today, because I'm busy, but hopefully tomorrow evening I'll lunge her and hack her for a few minutes.