Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Lilly

My demon mare is 8 years old today. I took the day off to go to the doctor and to just enjoy myself. We hacked lightly around the farm. I wanted to ride in the grass field, but that almost turned into a disaster. I trotted and she lost her footing and almost fell. So we just walked and had a good light ride.

My tall boots are back from being resized. They are awesome. Still a touch too tall, but otherwise they rock. :D

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jan. 3rd Lesson

One of the judges Aviva Nebesky who came to our schooling shows had offered us a clinic last year. But with everyone's schedules and such it was just didn't work out. Well Aviva is a facebook friend and she saw one of my new year's resolutions was to school first level.

So she told me to visit her anytime for lessons. So I had Sunday free so I asked a friend and we both headed up to Bowie, MD.

She had a cute little place with a lovely indoor arena. Lilly was terrified the horse in the mirror. But after getting her craziness out, she worked really well.

Aviva’s a super teacher. She started working me to the right. And my right shoulder started acting up again. (In addition to the shoulder my carpel tunnel crept back in recently.) I let her know. So she had me work to the left. We did circles and work on getting her to use her hindquarters underneath her more.

Lilly was a rock star. It was really a nice feeling having her really use her hindquarters and be in good rhythm. We worked to the right a bit. Aviva remarked that she thinks I hold my rein too strong. She thinks I’m compensating because I think my right shoulder is weak and I let go of the left rein too much.

The trot work was fabulous. I think my super mare is starting to really grow up. She’s resisting less and now instead of taking forever to decide if she may want to be submissive and give to the bit, she just needs a bit of warm up

Canter work was a real treat. We worked again to get her through the bridle and using her hindquarters. We worked the circle then she had me canter the long sides. During the long side Aviva shouted there you go, that’s a lovely uphill canter, and it felt awesome! Big smiles.

I am happy that my training has come so far with Lilly. She’s a tough cookie, but when she wants to be she’s a good girl. Despite being an Appy I haven’t ever had anyone tell me get a WB. You need a WB to succeed. Judges comments and trainers comment usually say she’s a good mover, and has promise. Lately she’s been working with me rather than against me to shine. So we’ll continue to do this dressage thang. :D I’m probably not going to show as much as I originally had planned, but I hope to do well regardless.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolution

These are just a few of my new's years resolutions.

1) Get her into the Bronze Studbook.
Get 60% in either Training Level or First Level 1 in USDF competition.
Place top 6 in Level 1 Jumpers are higher with at least 15 entries in the class, "A" level shows.

2) School 1st Level and show at least once.

3) Qualify for a championship. (Going will depend on funds.) GAIGs, HITS, or BLMs.