Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm ready for the holidays and this snow to go away. I don't mind the festivities and the good cheer. This traffic is what's killing me. In the stores and out on the road. I'm usually in my car by 5:15-5:35pm. We didn't get onto HOV until 6:00pm. I was in my car at 6:30pm. I had to go to the grocery store and Wal-Mart. I actually saw my father at Wegmans. :P I'm like I know that man! It's my daddy! haha.

When I get back from Xmas, I'm so getting on. The arenas a more managable few inches rather than 2'. So I'm going to do some light hacking.

::dreams of riding in an indoor arena::


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thanks Mom!

My mother and I are funny gals. We're both strong, stubborn, slightly crazy and love our things. My mom would wish that I was the super feminine cute girl who's into designer clothes, make-up, and boys.

While I like boys, can deal with makeup, my designer brands include: Pessoa, Ariat, and Mattes. Not Louis Vutton, Burberry, and whatever.

Last night as I was making cookies, my mom was like I wore your paddock boots and they have holes in them! The only reason why I kept my paddock boots is because I'm a pack rat. I actually haven't worn them in a long while.

So she said I'm required to buy a new pair of paddock boots, she's footing the bill. And on top of that she wants to buy me a dressage saddle bag and boot holders.

She asked me about my new saddle. And I told her its not an easy process getting a sddle. The saddle has to fit me and the horse etc.

She asked me about my tall boots. She hadn't seen them in a while. I told her they don't fit. My calf is to big and it's a hassle to get new ones. So she grabbed my Dover catalog and was like here's my credit card buy this and that and this and that.


Then she was like, how much do they cost. I said 650. I didn't realize that's where they start. A full pair is going to be a helluva a lot more, I just talk to the Dover lady. My mother said that's fine. Get what I want, even if it costs $1200.

She also mentioned that she wants a darn plane ticket, so she's getting rewards on her card. So I'm helping her a little bit. Plus all she wants in return is for me to get her a pair of Ariat terrains.

Yeah $800+ boots in exchange for $80 boots. I can handle that.

Looking at Dehner and Der-daus. Konigs are too much and I've heard they're really stiff. I know the pain involved, but I don't want to die because of my boots.

Snow Fest 2009

My cutie sniffing my toe.
We braved the weather and did our barn work.
Snow Gallop!
Our Home
Snow Angel!
Why are you on the ground mom?

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I watched the Two Towers yesterday with my dad since the snow blocked us in. Now we're watching Return of the King.
I have to admit movies like this make you just want to ride in a battle charge and go into battle. Or at least it does me.

In college I studied History. If I continue my masters I want to study horses in warfare. Movies like Lord of the Rings may not be steeped in real history, but Tolkien had to base it on something right.

I love the battle charges, hate the well elephant scenes, (Im not going to try and butcher how Tolkien spelled it). But it's amazaing how much human kind has perfected the art of killing each other.

I have to say I never liked the Shadowfax in the movie. I guess we all have our ideal version of beauty.

Anyways I'm distracted watching the movie. So I'll go now. Sorry for the grammatical errors I'm to multitask.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

sore horse

So I went to Lauren Sprieser's farm out in Marshall, Va. She has a beautiful place. It is so immaculate and stunning. I walked inside her barn to sign my waiver and nothing was out of place. I wish I could have a place like that, except more pastures. But then again Lauren is a trainer I want to breed. So difference of needs.


So I rode western for the fact that I don't have an english saddle. Felt a little weird riding western at a dressage facility. lol. But she was totally cool with it.

Lilly was a snorting machine. Everything was out to get her. Her arena was beautiful. I would have enjoyed looking at it more if I wasn't riding a snorting and spooky horse.

She's seen mirrors before, but at Lauren's place they are bright and shinny and clear. And omg the horse in the reflection is coming at me! AHHH!!!! <---That's in Lillys head.
She would spook at the side mirrors too.

Eventually she settled down enough were we could actually work a bit. She had me do a lot of circle and serpentine work. Trying to get Lilly to focus on me and not at the scary reflections. She also wanted me to really establish a good rhythm for the pony. She told me to look for songs to sing in my head when I ride to help my rhythm.

Lauren asked me to canter. ::cringe:: She canters fine the first time, she did the little head shake like she was thinking about bucking but didn't. Then Lauren said she knew what I was talking about.

She thinks either 1 of 2 things. 1. Lilly is still sore from the ill fitting saddle. 2. Lilly thinks she is still sore and remembers the pain.

So she told me to do the bute test. Give her bute for two days and then ride her, if she still acts sore than it's #1. If she's fine it's #2.

We worked in the other direction. Lilly started to buck at the canter, I had an oh shit moment, a brief second where I thought I was coming off, but I held on. Then I asked her again and she was fine. Silly pony.

Lauren ended short, because of the soreness issue, which I didn't mind anyhow. She ended up giving me back some of my cash.

I added bute to her dinner. Since it's blizzarding out there today it's going to be a light day. I kind of want to hack a bit in the snow, but we'll see how brave I get later.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Massage Therapy for the Rider

So with the addition of Big into my riding schedule my back has been incredibly sore. Lilly works my legs more, but Big tries to pull me down with his big old head.

So I didn't have a ton of cash and I thought about those Chinese folks in the mall. At this point I'm desperate I needed a massage. So I found them and this Chinese man did his magic.

Feel sooooo much better. Last night I rode Lilly. I was a little sore but wasn't in pain.

I am tenatively going to ride Big tonight. I want to do Christmas shopping tonight so I'm not sure. I have to meet someone tomorrow who I won't see until after Christmas so it's like bleh. I want to ride.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fitting and Conformation

So I've been riding in my friend's saddle now and then. I took it out yesterday and rode in it. I can't get comfortable in it. It makes me want to pitch forward when I ride. So I think I'm back in search for a new saddle. augh.

Lauren Sprieser is hosting a saddle fitting clinic sometime in Jan. So I may head up and attend.

Riding in the saddle made me begin to see how much her being downhill effects my position. I've always known she is downhill, but that saddle made me really see.

Also when I ride Big I can see why ppl tell you to avoid downhill horses. With Big I don't have to fight for my position and my seat. I can stay balanced easier. I just have to fight to keep him straight and plus he wants to pull me down with his big heavy self.

So I'm going to be saddle searching again. I'm not sure how much I have saved up. My savings account automatically takes money out of my checking, but I don't think I have enough to get a 2k saddle. Plus I need to keep some money aside for my down payment on my truck.

I'm working for my old restuarant Christmas eve and NY Eve.

Money makes the world go around. *x*

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

snow cold ewe

So I've began to hate getting old.

When I was a kid riding in the snow was cool and fun. You just add a lot of vasoline in your pony's hoofs and off ya go.

But as I reach the old age of 25, riding in the cold is just plan awful. We've been getting lucky with abnormally warm weather for November. But no more. Saturday was a rainy snowy icky mess.
Sunday was beautiful during the day, but I wasn't feeling the best so I slept until 4. When I went to the barn it cold.

I've been trying to work my schedule out.

Monday: no riding, hang out with parents
Tuesday: off
Wed: ride Lilly
Thur: ride Big
Fri: off
Sat: ride Lilly + Big
Sun: ride Lilly + Big

But lately it seems to want to rain or snow on my ride days. Tuesdays it's a crapshoot, if I get on I get on. Tonight tho I won't be lucky. We're getting rain and then maybe snow. Checking the weather this morning it seems like it's going to be snowing a lot in the coming week. *x*

Everyone is starting to release their show schedules. I manage Quantico Riding Club shows so I have two out of three judges so far. I need to email one. I like Jan Garlitz, but since we've used her two years in the row I'm going to switch it up. So we'll use Aviva Nebesky and Lauren one more year and then 2011 I'm not doing the shows so they can do whatever they want.

Show managing is a thankless job. Yes you get some thanks, but I don't think some of the ppl in our barn really realize how much blood, sweat and tears go into these shows. I've had to network and be the ultimate hostess. And sometimes put my own money into the shows. But ah well.

I'm probably not showing Lilly in our own shows next year. I may show Big and take Lilly to just to outside shows. My friend is taking care of her some nights in exchange for riding time. I'm going to ask her if she wants to show her next year, instead.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let's Ride Drunk!

So with all this rain it's been a stop-and-go ride situation. I wish I had an indoor arena. But I gotta work with what I got.

I rode over the weekend. I rode Big both Saturday and Sunday. I only rode Lilly on Saturday. I didn't work her too hard. I had gotten tired from riding the train wreck. Big is a good boy, but he's a train wreck to ride. He's all over the place. I have to work on making him move forward and being responsive to my leg and as well as straight. Well he didn't want anything to do with this riding business.
I do some groundwork with him before I ride. Not too much just getting him to respect my personal space. He has a habit of walking onto of people. He wants to fall on his forehand and then he's so uncoordinated he just trips.

Sunday I lunged him and worked him in the round pen. He was a good boy. He was much better under saddle. But he was tired. He really has no stamina. So I got him to go straight and do circles in both directions and we were done.

Friday, November 27, 2009

we hates you.

I just want to say I hate all the tall boot companies out there who don't make boots for us gals who have larger calves.....

I have only found 1 in-stock boot but it's a field boot. But I may have to go with that, until I meet my sugar daddy who can get me a custom pair of Der-daus or Konigs. Until that mythical man appears in my life cheapo boots it'll be.

Morven Park Benefit Shows

So Morven Park is hosting benefit/fundraiser show series.

I am so there. Since the majority of the Vada/Nova recognized shows are at Morven Park, actually majority of all the recognized dressage shows are there. CDCTA and PVDA host shows there too. It'll be a good schooling session for Miss Losses Her Brain depending on the day aka Lilly.

My Winter Show Season
Jan. 16th: Trish DeRosa (L)
Feb 13th: Jocelyn Pearson (L)
March 14th: Susan Carr Davis (R)
April 17th: Betty Thorpe (r)

I just need to make sure showing in half-chaps are fine.

Lauren Sprieser is hosting a schooling show, but I may enter Big in that one and leave the Lillers at home.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone have a happy and safe thanksgiving. My girl is getting a few extra apples and carrots tonight. :)

Let's go Raiders! Need to kick some Cowboy rear end. Hopefully. We're doing horrid this year. *x*

Monday, November 23, 2009

New boys in our lives.

So Lilly has a new boy in her life. His name is L.C. Her previous pasture buddy has left for Washington State. We tried L.C. and Lilly out and they seem to be doing good. L.C. is very playful, and Lilly is like no. I don't want to! L.C. is a very pretty boy, solid dark bay. Very pretty head. He was super excited to be out and to have a new friend. Since it was going to rain today I kept Lilly out last night. When I went to bring her in this morning, they were both chilling. He tries to crowd the gate but I told him no and he was like okay and walked away.

My friend wants me to ride her horse. Her husband was stationed in Germany for the past 2 1/2 years. So she's lost her confidence and her seat.

His name is Big. He's either a Shire or Percheron/ TB cross. I can't remember what draft he is. First day I rode him I worked him on the ground first. He tried running over me twice. He knows he's big and sometimes he uses it. But all I really did was work on getting him to be responsive to my leg and marching forward. He has a habit of trying to drag you to the outside, so I really had to keep him straight and bending correctly. At the trot he was like a drunken sailor, but I just kept him straight and ended on a good note. He's out of shape badly so I didn't trot him long.

Sunday's ride was pretty much the same, except we trotted a little more than Saturday. He's a very good boy and he's smart and very willing to please. Did a little more trotting, he still wants to drift, but he wasn't acting like he was drunk like Saturday.

I rode Lilly after I rode Big. I took her out near our powerlines. It's a little bit of hills not much. I really just wanted to get her out of the arena. She's been very afraid of trails and woods. But cars she could care less about. One of the military police drove passed us and she could care less. On my way back I walked side by side with my friend's SUV, didn't care.
We worked in the arena a bit and she's really was fighting me. Finally she started to give and I worked on serpentines and circles and was done.

So now the rain is coming back so it'll be a few days until I can ride. Darn rain.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday's ride.

Friday I had off. So I woke up, did my barn chores and got on. For the first 15 mins I was just blah. My brain hadn't turned on yet. I chatted to a few friends and then I started to ride.

When we do a free walk -or- a normal walk not asking her to flex at the poll and I use my legs she moves off very well. As soon as I start to ask her to flex at the poll, her engine starts to pitter. She was being really lazy off my leg, so I tapped her, very little response. So I used the whip again, and she did a big crow hop. Then she marched off my leg.

But slowly and surely she's starting to really come underneath herself and march along at the walk nicely. Asking for the trot work, she was being a little snottish. She wanted to just go really really fast, so I really had to tell her hey! listen to me. Had to do circles and bending finally she was really flexing and moving beautifully.

As the weeks gone by, the time where I really have to warm her up to get on the bit has gotten shorter and shorter. When she's on the bit and using her hindquarters, her trot is a whole different creature. It's floaty and smooth and I can sit it.

Hopefully I can hack out of the arena today. I've wanted to do it, but by the time I get back from work on the wkdays it's pitblack. Or the ground is super wet, but I think it shouldn 't be too bad.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

So I just went to Dover Saddlery and had fun with the wish list.

woop woop.

I rode last night and it was awesome. She was being good. I really worked her at the walk a lot, trying to get her to flex at the poll. Finally when we started at the trot, she was awesome. She was really light on the bit and really moving off my leg. She was very responsive. When she's flexing at the poll and moving well, her trot is easier to sit.

It's raining today, but this weekend it's going to be gorgeous. yay!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Goals for Next Year

Since the 2009 show season is over I've been mulling over my goals riding wise.

1. Get a Dressage Saddle
Of course, gotta get that. Hopefully by Feb.

2. Show at a Recognized Show
I'm shooting for the May 15th VADACC show at the Meadows in Doswell. Or one of the VADA/NOVA shows.

3. Shown at VADA/NOVA schooling series. At least qualify for their schooling series year end championship show.

4. Tackle Training Levels 3 & 4.

5. Sit the darn sitting trot 100%.

I figure I'll keep the list short.

One of these days I'll get back with Kelly for lessons. Lately finances and time have been my enemies. Plus this darn rain and this illness that I haven't been able to shake. I've had a headache for the past week.

Monday, November 16, 2009

picture time

Here are various pics from our fun show and gymkhana show. Lilly got a chance to be a cowgirl. Rebekah was riding her, since the mare she usually rides, was out of commission.
Panty Race. You gotta run down, put on a pair of undies and race back.

I rarely get to ride at the shows I manage, but I hopped on for barrel racing. ^_^
Rebekah & Lilly with Kendra and Logan. Lilly thought it was a race, but they had to keep their ribbon in tact. I believe they got 2nd.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A bit of this a bit of that

Happy Veteran's Day!

Thanks to all who serve and had served to keep our country safe.

Also Happy Birthday Marines, a day late. ^_^

Our family dog, Alex has been licking his paws a lot lately. So I made my mom to schedule for an appointment. My mother knows english, but sometimes she gets nervous, so I wrote a note to the vet, so she wouldn't worry. I told him/her he has allergies.

The vet said I was right. All the pollen on the ground has made him lick his feet to the point where he has a yeast infection in his paws.

I can tell you tending to a horse is a lot easier than the dog. At least with Lilly, she's use to her feet being messed. Alex didn't want me touching his paws, because they hurt.

Animals. Don't we love them.

Despite being sick I rode anyways. I looked at the weather and it would be my last time until Saturdayish to ride. We have what's left of hurricane Ida passing through.
Lilly was being a pill. We rode in the arena where she gets spooky. Since I was in a grumpy mood I wasn't dealing with her shit. Which I shouldn't anyways, but I guess I get a little nervous in that arena.
So everytime she thought about spooking I prevented the spook and fussed at her too. Finally she was like FINE! I'll be a shit head another way. For the beginning of the ride when she wasn't spooking, she was really light on the bit and moving beautifully.
Towards the end of the ride, she became heavy on the bit again. *x* So finally I ended on a good note when she was light again.

I really want to go to a show soon, but my next chance won't be until Feb. Which hopefully I'll have my new saddle by Feb. Hopefully my scores will improve. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

relaxing weekend

So the weather this weekend was gorgeous. A nice change from rainy October. I was run down in Oct., every weekend I had stuff to do.

I've been trying to get rid of this cold. It seems to pop in and pop out but it's still there. I feel real light headed all day today. Had two cups of tea, and when I get home I'm hitting the Vitamin C.

I rode Lilly Saturday. Just more of the same stuff. Flexion at the poll. And getting her supple and light.

I really wonder if I need to ride 5x a week to really get her broke. But some weeks it's hard, with the weather, work, and now illness.

I had planned on riding Tuesday, but the weather may be a factor. Of course federal holiday on Wed, but darn it, but they are calling for rain.

Sunday it was nice. A little warm for the season, so I waited until it cooled down so I wouldn't have a soaking horse. My friend's horse is moving so we're trying my horse with Okarena and Savannah. With any pasture change, you worry about fights and nicks and that well placed kick in the wrong place.
Horses will be horses, but god the vet bills are not a happy thing.

Since I don't have my english saddle anymore I've been riding western. I miss english. My friend let me borrow her dressage saddle and she said I can use it anytime. hooray! So I was happy. :)

I think my left leg is weaker, use to be my right. Because I feel like it's just swinging all over the place and I can get stabilized. So I shorten the stirrup and then I felt like I was leaning to the right too much.

You correct one problem and another pops up.

Monday, November 2, 2009

living like a 25yo

So I've taken a lot of time and done stupid stuff that a normal non-horse owning equestrian does. Like actually go out, drink, club, and spend money on non horsie stuff.

Which means not really ride. I rode at our fun show we hosted a few days ago. I only did barrel racing and it was fun.

I finally can afford to ride with my trainer again. So next Sunday I'll be back in school. Since I started to car pool I have 35 mins extra on a good day to be at the barn earlier.
I'm also going to join the local gym. My diet has been on the back burner. I haven't gained too much extra poundage, but I want to at least be a size 8 by June of next year. Right now I'm in the 10-12 range depending on the brand for pants.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So Saturday my friend talked me into going to the WAshington International Horse Show. I met them in Chantilly and we metroed into DC.

It was a lot of fun. My only exposure to a lot of the big time riders are at the WIHS every 5 years or on the Olympics. I like jumpers but I just don't follow it too much. A few of my favs were there Rodrigo Pessoa, McClain Ward, Margie Engle, and Todd Minikus. Only 3 riders made it to a jump off, but it's still all very exciting. I need to go to more jumper shows. So much fun.

Sunday was a busy day. I skipped church and did a lot of barn chores. I gave her a bath because we're having family photos. My mom wanted the entire family including the fuzzy ones. So horse got bathed. Then I went home and brushed the dog out. He was nice and white and fluffy.

Surprisingly it only took a few seconds. Both animals are photo hams so they all looked at the camera.
We tried taking pics of my ma, me and the pony, but the pony decided that I didn't need to be in the shot.

Then the dog and the horse, but my friend said the dog look so incredibly scared that they didn't come out. We also took some liberty photos and two free jump shots. She's so cute over fences.

I rode with one of the kids at the barn. I didn't want too I was so tired. I didn't get back from the WIHS until 2:30. But I had a really good ride.
My back wasn't hurting, Lilly wasn't resisting, she was very soft in the mouth. So it was a really good ride.
We stood next to my friend who was practicing roping. I wanted to see how she reacted to whirling ropes. She wasn't bothered at all.
So this weekend very tiring but all in all good.

Oh and the Spy Museum is a whole lotta fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Oh the x-ray came out clean. I am not broken. I fear the bill from the hospital now. yikes. So now I'll let my mother book me an appointment to see the Chinese Medicine Doctor.

So finally I will get on my pony tonight. How much I ride is depending on how the good ole back feels. Of course since I sold my saddle I'll be cowgirl up. :)

I probably won't be too much as in schooling. I'm going to work on the small things from the Pascal clinic. It's suppose to be 75-79 degrees today. *swoon*

While I like cooler weather last weekend was not good. Nein nein nein.

So many happy things in my universe. My favorite band released a new cd. Finally get to ride. Halloween is next weekend and I will have a costume. I'm sewing it myself. She's Alice from the PC game, it's slightly gothic. I hate Alice in the movie but I like the imagery.

Hopefully my sewing skills will return to me. I busted out the sewing machine and starred at all the knobs before remembering what the knobs do.

I'm paying off my debt. Credit cards are dwindling slowly and surely. Paying off the vet bill. Never ever going back to that Vet again. I can't recommend them anymore. I use to like them, but now they're just sketchy. I want to see if Piedmont will come to my barn. They were nice.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

So this saddle is in my immediate future. I think I can get it by early December. Yes!

It's a Thornhill Vienna II. Apparently they're built off the Passier Grand Gilbert. It's the saddle my friend let me try out.

So when I can find a flex ruler I will be doing a saddle tracing for Lilly.

It's not my dream saddle, but I'd be saving a lot longer for that one. So this will have to do for now.

Nothing to do with Horses

I'm a Raiders fan. Yes I know. But at least we're better than the Redskins right now.

There is a pigeon flying with the Raiders and he was lined up with the Raiders. Mighty funny.

So long dear Pessoa

So I had a lady come up to look at my Pessoa saddle. She liked it, of course, it's a great saddle. She said the new Pessoas aren't as good as the older ones.

So I'm now english saddless. I do have my western saddle, which is better than nothing.

Lilly was only using 2% of her brain today. Those 2% were telling her be a total dipstick. She wanted to rush the main gate of the barn. I told her no, she needed to walk. She kicked at me.

Excuse me?

I was in such shock. She never kicks out at me. So we worked on our little temper tantrum. Finally she walked out the barn door. But towards her paddock, she gigged like she was a race horse going to the KY Derby. I have to admit she was a little cute. I let her go and she started bucking. What can you expect with a pony who's been pended up for 4 days. A little nutso. But she's going to work starting Tuesday. That's if my back agrees with me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

hospital visit

So I went to the doctor today. He said my Saturday injury is just bruising. Gave me a prescription for Aleve for that. But he's not sure what's causing my issues with my left hip from my fall last year. So 2 hours later I got X-Rays done of my hip and spine.

If he says no breaks or anything I'm going to the Chinese Doctor. I hate the Chinese Doctor, (who is really Korean).My mom made me take this herbal crap as a kid. So I detest going to his office, but at the same time I know it can help. It's help my mother a lot. As long as he keeps those crazy herbal remedies in his office and out of my fridge we should be fine.

I mucked my stall, but I couldn't lift the wheel barrow. Thank goodness for great barn buddies. And luckily I had some hay in my trailer. I don't think I could lift a bale right now.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

not much on the front lines

So with Lilly being sick and me out of commission it's been a slow week.

I'm going to try and hop on hopefully tomorrow. What is tomorrow? Thursday. This week having Monday off is wierded out my schedule.

I need to get a flexible ruler so we can do Lilly's saddle tracing. I'm also thinking about clipping her, but I want to wait until I can get a new stable blanket and a back up turnout blanket.

Tired. Been a long long day.

Monday, October 12, 2009


So I tried my friend's saddle a Thornhill Vienna II, yesterday. I liked it. Her's was too small for my butt, but it fit Lilly and instantly I was in a better seat. My friend Andrea said I looked good.

I felt horrible. Not from the saddle but from the fall the previous day. My back can't handle the shock of the posting or sitting. So I two pointed in the saddle. But I stopped.

So ick. I'm going to have to lay off the riding until my doctor's appointment on Friday.
Lilly has caught a cold anyways. She has a running nose. No fever, but her nose is gunky. So green tea and apple cider vinegar in her grain to help her immune system.

I put my saddle up on horse grooming supplies. I really wish I could keep my GenX, so many memories in that thing, but right now I need a dressage saddle.

So I have two gals interested. One lives in VA and said she wants to come out and test it out. So if she takes it then good. If not I have a back up buyer. Then I have downpayment on the layaway on my new saddle.

If I can get all my western show stuff sold I can get my saddle sooner than later, but it's been a pain.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pascal Martin Clinic

So I headed off to Leesburg yesterday for the Vada/Nova Adult Clinic with Pascal Martin. I got lost for an hour.

Later I realized that Google Maps was right theoretically, it's just that they closed the road that it told me to take. My friend called me and her mom and I figured it out via their GPS.

I made it in time. Lilly was looking all around but once I started to groom her she settled. I hand walked her around their outdoor dressage arena and then the manager got me and told me I could go in.

It's a little nerve wracking to ride in front of strangers. You know they're watching and chatting. But oh well I did my thing.

Pascal came out and he was like ah an Appaloosa. But with his French accent it came out all French sounding.

He was extremely nice. At home I could tell you everything wrong with my horse. When he asked me my mind was blank. Then finally I found my voice and started to tell him. She finds it hard to flex and be on the bit. She'll just dive down.

He commented on my saddle. He said it's a good saddle, but not for dressage. Which I know it is. And I'm looking.

He told me most horses tend to be overflexed but she has the opposite problem. She sticks her nose out.

So we worked on that in the walk and halts at first. They were really baby steps, but for me I really needed it. And so did Lilly.

As we worked on it was amazing how much different she felt once she really started to flex at the poll and accept the bit. He told me to constantly squeeze the reins so she gets use to accept the bit more and loosens at the jaw.

She really started to respond. We worked the trot too and I could really feel her start to use herself better when she was flexing at the poll.

I was smiling because she felt really good. They ladies who were there clapped too. :) yay!

The canter was disastrous. We went to the left first and I went forward and blah. But we worked a little bit. Then to the right.

She bucked me off. I hit the ground hard. I got the wind knocked out of me and I was seriously thinking oh shit. So after chilling on the ground for a bit I relearned how to breath and Pascal helped me up. Lilly stood close to me during the whole thing.

I got back on. We worked again. He asked me to trot again, but I couldn't. My back and hips can't take the shock of posting or sitting the trot. So I told him I can't do it. So we worked back on the walk and halt transitions and getting her flexed.

We ended on a positive note. He's a really good teacher I'd recommend him. I wish I could have seen the other girls ride, but being late and having to go to a party I couldn't.

I talked to the ladies at the clinic. One of the noted that the buck didn't look like a naughty buck, but she may have been uncomfortable. I've been wondering if my saddle doesn't fit her anymore. I've noticed she's been relunctant to pick up her canter lately. But when I rode in my western saddle the other day she was fine.

They all liked her and thought she was cute. I was chatting with the ladies and she was just chilling with us. I've been really happy with how her behavior is lately. She has been really quiet and not letting things bother her like in recent past.

They all commented on how much she improved in the lesson. One lady took pics and hopefully she'll send me them. She did look good. :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Conquering the Fear

Last year my dreams of having a champion hunter were dashed. More by my confidence and riding ability than Lilly's ability.

I took a fence (albeit no helmet not smart I know) and she jumped it like she was trying to qualify for the Olympics.

Upon the landing I knew I was in trouble. I crashed and burned. That's one major reason I'm switching from hunters to dressage.

Lilly is a beautiful hunter. But my old trainer is right in when he says if you're not perfect she won't jump. It's not that's she's being dirty, but it's kind of her personality. I do a lot of cardinal errors that my gelding let me get away with.
I've fallen off before, but those usually weren't bad. I was just sore and I get back on.

But that last fall was my final straw. So I decided that all feet on the ground was a better option.

So last night I donned my trusty helmet. :) And I warmed up and then I set up a tiny x-rail. We did it twice. I can tell she enjoyed it. But I was nervous as hell. First time she just trotted over it the second time she put more effort into it.

It felt good. I miss jumping. In like two of the clinics I've done every one of them has commetted I have good hunter equitation. But I think i'll wait for a better partner. One that once say "ah no."

I don't think I'll jump her any higher. I need a packer for hunters and she isn't one. But it's something that's been nagging me. You're suppose to get back on after you fall. Which I have obviously, but I haven't jumped since then.

Another thing in relation to this post. My hip has still been hurting from said accident. So I finally got an appointment with a sports medicine doctor next Friday. Hopefully it's nothing too horrid. If he says no riding I'll laugh at his face.

Tomorrow I got a clinic with Pascal Martin
Sunday I have a clinic with Greg Andrews.
Monday holiday. I may just hack her in the field. See if she won't die on me. She's not fond of going out on trail or riding outside the arena.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

future boyfriend for Lilly?

So boredom and the search for future boyfriends for Lilly resulted in finding this spotted boytoy.

Palousa san Sebastian

He's by San Remo (KWPN/Hano) out of an Appaloosa/Trakehner mare.

His broodmare sire is Gribaldi, who sired Anky's stud Painted Black and Totlias. Two hot dressage stars right now.

He's located in UK. I emailed the owner and was talking to her a little bit. She hasn't started to ship semen to the USA. She's going to wait a few years and try and find a dealer. So hopefully in a few years I'll be ready to breed Lilly.

She said he just went to a dressage show and scored 68% and won the class. He's a nice mover there is a video on one of the stallion websites he's on.

She said he's maturing nicely and resembles Gribaldi more than San Remo.

Just the leopard spots are crazy. I'm not a huge leopard person. I prefer blankets, so it'd be a total suprise what color the baby will be.

Monday, October 5, 2009

men hunting vs. saddle hunting

So Friday night my friend was like we're going to find you a man.

Well eye shopping was full of potentials. Like saddle shopping.

Meet one guy but he was moving to Cali. He was hot, good looking, had a Scottish accent the drunker he got, and had horses. Clydesdales. But apparently wolves got them. He said they found one dead Cylesdales and three dead wolves.


Real point saddle shopping is a lot easier in that saddles well are a lot easier to deal with then boys.

I'm looking at the Thornhill Vienna II. It's 800, leather, and the lady said to just send a wither tracing so they can get an accurate fit. My friend has one so I'm going to sit in it. Her's is a 16, so it's not an exact fit but at least I can get a feel for it.

I want the Black Country, but it's going to take forever to save up for it.

So saddle hunting score 1. men hunting 0.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

need for speed

So yesterday we had our western speed show. It was a make up date from August.

We only had 5 horses and like 7 riders. So need to say it was a craptastic attended show. So I told folks if they wanted their ribbons, 2.50 per ribbon. We pay like 2.37 for each one, but who wants to figure that math out.

My friend who usually comes and brings two horses truck broke down. So the girl who rides her 2nd horse was horseless. I told her to just use Lilly.

In the practice round she got Lilly to go really fast. If Lilly were to be a race horse she'd be a strayer, she get's very long and low when she runs. She's no means a games horse. She can't do quick turns, but the TB pedigree really shows through.

Her famous relative winning 1984 Turf Classic, John Henry. Her broodmare sire is his 1/2 brother. I wish I could have visited him before he died. I just found out she was related to him a few weeks before he passed.

She did win one class. I'm not sure which one now. But it was a good shitting around day.
Now I have to get her to be all nice and framed up.

Hopefully I'll ride today, but it'll depend on how much the hay will kick my ass. Getting a load today. hurray!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wanna Be a Cowboy

Not really, but I rode western yesterday. Since Devon, I forgot a lot of my stuff in my dad's truck. I don't have a dressing room or a tack storage cubbie in my trailer.

Piece of Advice if you plan on showing.


It's so frustrating, having to take everything out. Then put everything back in. Then stuff get's misplaced or whatever.
Preparing for Devon I realized I think someone walked off with my stable wraps and other stuff.

But anyways that's a side track.

I had my western saddle in the tack room. I had no bridle so I borrowed my friend's curb. It's a simple curb, not harsh. I was worried because I saw this wicked curb in the tackroom, but I realized that wasn't her bridle.

When anyone sees Lilly being ridden western, they're like omg. But I broke her western. When I was going to compete in western pleasure with her, I got her to do a nice jog. But to lope was not going to happen. She had such a huge canter, why force her to be something she is not. Plus western pleasure ain't fun anyways.

But we had a nice little ride. She remembers neck reining. She's better to the right then to the left. Asked her for turn on the forehand and side passing. My little dressage western pony did well.

:) I was going to ride tonight, but my friend wants to take me out man hunting. lol. OktoberFest. Need the man to help pay for the horse. :P

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 3 at Devon

Been busy getting back into my flow of things.

So our class wasn't schedule until 5:00! So that was a full day of me fretting.

Let her get her craziness out in the morning. She was a bucking bronco.

Got her super clean and shinny with the help with Tina.

Got to the arena a tad early, found out I had to get a handler's bracelet, so I had to trek all the way back to my stall, and go to the show office.

Then I came back. My handler had the last 4 horses to show in the IBC classes. The App colt before Lilly busted loose and was running around crazy.

So Lilly goes in. She looks at me like why are you out there and I'm in there. She was like who is this guy. But she set up fine. She was totally chill.

All that prep work and money for 4 minutes. lol.

She got 60% and 2nd place.
Her commets from the judge were:
long back, short croup, front legs short.

Her movements comments were:
walk: regular marching but downhill.
trot: regular, but downhill.

But I'm proud of her. She was so relaxed and laid back. She was like "I know what I'm doing."

Tina drove back home with me. It was good to have company. Got hamburger from Burger king. I don't know but it's an awful burger but it was so good.

We got home at 1230. The mp was like where you going? Me: Stable. He looks at the trailer and was like duh.

So we've been home and I haven't ridden yet. Hopefully the weather will hold out and I'll ride tonight. I've been so freaking tired lately.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 2 at Devon

So Day 2 was pretty much eventless asides hanging out with people.

Meet up with Wendy Rhodes and her husband Rusty. Then we sat in the stands with a lady named Martha Mitchell. Two Appy people with the last name Mitchell. Meet a L judge Lea Ann Hansen who I actually had contacted for judging at Quantico, but it didn't pan out. Dates didn't work. But she was nice, may have to ask her to come out next year.

We talked about Appaloosas for like 3 or 4 hours. Being a younger person I really didn't know there was so much discord between the App sporthorse folks. Us Appy people are prideful folks and being women we can get catty. But it's unfortunate because it really doesn't get us to work towards a common goal of breeding good apps that can excel in the Olympic disciplines. I'd really like seeing an Appy in the Olympics in my lifetime.

Another thing that KWPN or Oldenburg or other breeders don't have an issue with is their types. Yes there are different "types" the heavier, medium, more modern types, but not like the App world.

There are so many people breeding so many different types of Appies. Not only that it seems like if we do get Apps in dressage, the roof seems to be 2nd level. Then extensions come to be a limiting factor.

Plus there is the trainers who say if you want to go past 2nd level you need a WB.

There are Appy purist who just want to breed foundation lines. While I see no problem with that, there are dwindling numbers of the baroque type of foundation stallions.

My favorite baroquie (know that's not a word) stallion AK Pisko Hunka.
He's such a lovely horse. I'm not sure but I think the highest he competed was 2nd or 3rd level. He was 16.3 and beautiful. That's the kind of Apps that are going to get people looking at the Appaloosa breed and want one. Too bad he passed away last year. I would have loved a baby by him.

Growing up and wanting to breed horses I got this in my head I think from Arab people that the horse must compete and prove themselves before they can breed. When I start up my farm, doesn't matter what the breed the horse is, stallion or mare they have to show. Since I don't plan on having a huge operation I can be picky with my choices.

But we need to grow as an association and as a breed. Our horses in jumpers and eventing are doing well. Those classes deal less with judge's opinions and more ont he rider and horse. But dressage is still a field where a judge can be a little stinky if they want too. The hunter arena is like that too, but I think the judges don't mind the chrome, just depends on the judge.

But it's going to take our breeders to breed a true sporthorse type and market them to really be successful. Which in our economy it's a little hard to do. But like our Appies we'll periserve in any bad storm.

I wish I could start my breeding operation right now. I'm not of the purist train of thought.
I just want a good looking moving horse that has a good temperment and color. If I can use straight App to App breeding to accomplish that I will. But I do want to cross it with Oldenburgs or RPSIs to get a little more of the bigger movement and then the third generation breed it back to App lines to keep the color.

But eh big dreams. Need the credit, capital, and rich hubbie. lol.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My First Day at Devon

Just because I'm an early riser I was way to early at the barn. I had to mull around a little bit before I could head out on the road. I live in the Washington, D.C. area. That equals a lot of traffic and towing a trailer in rush hour traffic was not my idea of fun.

My brake plug was being a pain, so I had to bend over and mess with it. Well my cellphone was in my jean pocket and bugging me. So I laid it on the bumper of my truck. I was driving and wanted to text my friend a real quick message. It donned on me of where the location of my cellphone was. !!!!

It made it to Woodbridge, roughly 10 miles on the back of my truck. Thank god. Incredibly lucky.

My GPS was on some sort of crack cocaine and wanted to get more, so it took me through downtown Baltimore. Parts of Baltimore I've never been in. Not cool, plus some of the roads were a little patchy.

So finally get back on a normal road. I went through a toll road. $23.00 freaking dollars. So I set my GPS to avoid tolls. I ain't got money to spend on useless tolls. I need my money to shop at Devon.

So I finally get there at 1:30ish. I was so nervous. I've never been to a show this big. So I unpacked as quick as I could and drove to Motel 6. When I got back Tina was there. Tina is Caroline's friend. Caroline works at the feed shop that I get my feed and she got us to be together.

Lilly was being super good. We walked and the only thing she spooked at was the flowers. She doesn't like flowers for whatever reason. I guess they all look like they're going to kill her.

Tina's friends with Christine Smith, who's a handler. She's really nice. Meet up with Bruce & Stacy Griffin who's handling Lilly Thursday. Got the run down on what's going down.

When I was standing near the show arena with Tina, Christine, and one other gal I forget her name I heard my name and Lilly's show name. It happened to be the ApSHA president Wendy Rhodes. So we got talking. We talked for a while. She wants to do a group photo and lunch so I have that for today.

Apparently my appy caused a stir already. Christine's assistant handler said people were talking about her. I'm like omg already. When I walked around the showgrounds people were starring. So it's up to miss Lillers to shine.

I got to get. Got to use the restroom feed and find allergy medicine.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I wanted to ride today. I feel like I've gotten out of my routine past few days. I had to do a make up assignment for our barn, so that took up my barn time.

But yesterday and today my back has been killing me. I'm not sure what has set it off. My shoulder blades are really tight. My back is so ouchie.

So tonight I'm getting a massage. So no day of riding. :( But Wednesday is the next riding day. yay.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I had a lesson on Saturday with Abby Carter. She did a lesson with my friend. Apparently in the last lesson, she rode Lilly. She said she liked her work ethic and her ridability.

She was trying to get me to get her more responsive to my leg. She really worked with me on my position. Which is amazing why sitting taller and deeper does.

We worked on turn on the forehand as well.

Then we worked in the canter. She was trucking. I've never felt her go so fast under saddle before. But she felt really good. She was really driving with her hindquarters.

She showed me little things that made a huge difference. So I'll be working on that.

One of the kids at the barn wanted to trail ride, so I went out with him, with my friend's horse. Lilly get's nervous on trail so I didn't want a fight. I need her to get use to trail, because we can't always work in the arena.

I'm a big wuss! But I let myself trust Dakota and me and Mikey started gallopping up a series of hills. It was so much fun. Dakota really can get. My knees though were creeky.

I wanted to ride Lilly, but I've had a huge allergy attack all Sunday. So with the exciting trail ride and I had to paint something for the barn it was dark and I was dead tired.

I went to the VADA/NOVA Fall show. It was fun. I volunteered. I never been a ring stewart and they wanted me to do the big arena. I was a little freaked out. So I told the volunteer lady and she had me do a smaller arena where I could talk to the other ring stewarts.

Saw UB40. Not impressed on his website, but in person he's a nice stud. Very lovely. I'm not a huge chestnut fan, but he's a nice color. Very good boy too.

It was a nice show and the weather in the morning was lovely. Morven Park is a very pretty showgrounds.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

melon colly?

Lilly's been in most of the week due to the weather. Not that it's been raining as much as they've been predicted.

So I went to the barn at 6:00 and turned her out. The sky looked like it was getting darker, but I figured she'll have some turnout before it rained.

So I went home and cooked dinner. The rain hadn't come yet so I went out and rode. When I tried sitting the trot my stomach protested. It said you ate way too much spagetti to be sitting the trot. I know they say you should wait an hour before excercising, but I never usually eat dinner before I ride. I learned my lesson. No full stomach and sitting trot.

On Tuesday all I did was lunge her. Very lightly. Then yesterday I rode. At the trot she was fine, but when I asked her to canter she was very relucant and when she did canter she was four beating. She never does that. So I thought maybe it was me riding dumb.

So I got off and checked her legs. No heat or swelling. So I got out my lunge line and lunged her again. No head bobbing no missed steps. She did look a little stiff. I figured maybe I just hadn't warmed her up enough. But I was tired too so I just ended early.

I think my little pony is tired. I've ridden her every other day for the past two weeks. I think her right hindquarter is very sore. So I put some liniment on her and gave her a really good rub down. She really likes the right hindquarter worked, but when I got to her left she's like no touchie!

When I went to the barn this morning she hadn't eaten all her hay and she usually does. Plus she drank most of her water. She usually only drinks 3/4 a bucket a night, but both buckets were almost gone. But she was eating her grain like it was going out of style. I couldn't take her temp because my thermoter was broken. So I'll ask my friend to check on her make sure she's fine.

So she'll have today off and Friday off. Saturday I might have a lesson. The girl that my friend did a clinic with Lilly is coming to the barn. So if the other gal at the barn doesn't take the 1230 spot I'll take it.

Monday, September 7, 2009


eeee. Devon released their time sheet and competitors.

Lilly is showing against two yearling boys.

I'm excited and nervous.
17 days until Devon.

If you're out there she's showing Sept. 24th at 4:45ish pm.

ah Labor Day

I needed this holiday. I found out my co-workers got laid off. My boss's boss called me Friday and told me my contract told him he needed to pick 5 peeps to keep. I was his top 3 pick. Since my performance record is good I stayed. The newer folks fell into that last to hire first to go column. My other co-worker I know he doesn't like so I doubt he was on the top 5.

I've been writing a story on and off for the last four years. Paranormal romance. If you like Sherilyn Kenyon and stuff like that my story is kind of like that. Werewolves, vampires, angels, oh my. I've been very inspired.

So has my pony. I've been riding every other day pretty consistently since Sunday. When I haven't been at the barn I've been at Borders. When I was there Saturday I saw that they had 101 exercises for dressage riders. I didn't have any cash to buy it, but I did flip through it. So Sunday when I rode I incorprated a few of the exercises in.

One of the simple ones was bending. Trying to get her to step more under neath herself. She's better going to the left. The right it's really hard for her. She's more resistant.

Then there was a loopy exercise that I tried. Again same thing she was going above the bit more towards the right. Her turns are better to the left.

Then there was a simple trot exercise. Slow trot at the corners and on the straightaways working trot. While I did this one I worked on my sitting trot. I was doing real good with my posture and using my body to slow her down instead of being hand heavy. Because my posture was good I did well with the sitting trot.
When I get hunter minded I tend to not be able to sit the trot real well.

Then I worked on canter. I think because I worry that I'm somehow going to mess her up at the canter I don't canter for a long time. But then I was thinking maybe I'm plateauing her a little bit. So I worked on the canter both directions for a bit.

I even did walk-to-canter transitions. She nailed them on the head. While she has a harder time flexing and bending to the right she has an easier time getting "uphill" to the right. Logically it makes no sense to me, but she does. Her right canter is better than her right trot.

And my mare neck reins. It was something that I taught her 'cause I thought she was going to do western pleasure shows. But now she really gets a hang of it.

When I let her stretch down and forward at the trot I had my hand at the buckle. I wonder what my scores are going to be like for Training Level 3 at that element. We'll find out Nov. 1st.

Friday, September 4, 2009

cool and frisky

So the cooler weather is upon us. First I have started to blanket. It feels to early, but since Devon is a few weeks away I don't want her too fuzzy. Plus considering last week we had 90+ weather and it now is 70 going into the 50s I figure might as well.

I rode her last night. I rode her in the arena that she gets spooky in. She didn't shock me with any major spooks, just kept on looking in the dreaded evil corner and down the hill that is the home of horse eating deer.

She was being heavy again with the bit. But I got her to go light a few times at the trot. Cantering to the left was okay. I've lengthen my stirrups to try and help me sit back, but I still get into a hunter frame in my saddle.

She did toss in some playful bucks going to the right. Nothing I couldn't handle. I just pushed her onwards and she was good. Once the bucks were out she gave me an awesome canter. She was using her hindquarters and doing that mythical "uphill" canter that a few judges tell me to achieve. It's hard when she's downhill, but she tries.

I'm debating on either entering her in the VADA/NOVA schooling show on Nov. 1st or the Chestnut Oak schooling show Nov. 8th. I think Chestnut Oak will fit better in my schedule, but it'll help to show her at some Morven Park shows so she can see the showgrounds and screw up this year so next year when the scores count she'll be use to Morven.

If my friend pays me money today I think I'm calling Budi for a lesson. I need one bad. Budi is going to hot shoe her next time. It'll be interesting to see how she'll handle that.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This is Lilly this morning. She's so cute. haha.

Last night she was being really heavy on the bit. It was like she wanted to fall on her face and take me with her.

I really want to take lessons again, but until Devon I'm trying to sip my money. I want to make sure that I have enough. Which I do. Bruce already has his money and so does Devon. The only thing that needs to be paid is gas and hotel. I switched to a cheapier hotel. I forgot what it was called. But hey it was like $30 cheapier.

I have two clinics in Oct.

Oct. 4th: Greg Andrews. Greg is one my friends. I bought my first horse from him. He's a good guy has a good eye and is good with the ponies. Not harsh and works you without killing you.

Oct. 10th. Pascal Martin. A clinic hosted by Vada/Nova.
And I can't wait to hook up with Kelly to start with fall/winter training. yes.

Here's the icky scrape. The hair is growing out. Microtek Rebuilder to the rescue! Hopefully it'll be nice and grown out by Devon.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

back to normal

So I guess my previous ride was just one bad ride. She was doing a lovely walk. It was very nice. But when I asked her to turn, she was like what is this turn you speak off? I just know how to go straight.
For a moment I thought I was asking her wrong. Been riding for 13 years and when your horse does something as wierd as not turning you question your riding first. No it was just her. Apparently I do know how to ride (sometimes *x*).
So I asked nice twice, still confused mare. Finally I tapped her with the crop when she didn't respond to my leg aid. That got an interesting mini-air above grounds reaction. I pushed her forward with my leg and we trotted around the arena and when I asked her to turn, oh my goodness she remembered how to do it.
Lol. Mares.
So for the rest of the ride, she was great. She really was using herself and we dabbled a little bit with leg yielding.

I think one issue that I have with switching to dressage is that sometimes the aids and cues are different. Will my teaching my mare something I learned from my western or hunter trainers, totally contradict an aid further down in her training.
When I rode hunters to move laterally I'd do outside leg outside rein. When I rode with Jennifer Mutchler, I tried that on her 4th level dressage horse I got a side pass across the damn arena.

Cantering transitions.
When I rode hunters and how I begin to train Lilly inside rein, inside leg at the girth, outside leg behind the girth and kiss and off you go.
When Budi was riding her he'd never got her to do a nice canter transition, because he was asking outside rein, outside leg cues.
When I was working with Kelly she asked me to start asking her that way. So I have. Having a smart horse helps, because she has caught on.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I rode Lilly yesterday. It was interesting to say the least. I'm not sure where she's getting these new issues. But sigh. More work. She's framing up well, but it felt like she was reverting to when she was a young horse. I put my leg on her and she wanted to take off. I'm like what in the world.
And her halts were non-existent. I sat back deep asked for a halt and I was still trucking along 5 strides later. So next half an hour, trot-halt transitions.
But when I was walking her I did my western riding halt. Sit back jiggle the reins and she halted immediately.
::shakes head::
So I dunno add it to the needs to be fixed column. That column seems to never get smaller.

Also add to the scrapes is she has rainrot all over her cheek. Thank goodness for Microtek. Though I need to get some of the spray.

All summer, no cuts or rain rot now she has it on her face and a little on her legs. But it's really only on her left hindleg and it's almost gone.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Back on Sunday I came out to ride Lilly and she had three scrapes alongside her right hindquarter. The biggest scrape is three inches wide and six inches long. It looks worse than it really is. So instead of riding I had to clean it all up.

The flies have been horrible too. I tried riding and I couldn't. They kept on biting and biting and she just didn't have the mental ability to work. Those things hurt too! Couple of them bite me.

I hate summer. I hate the heat and the flies. I can't wait until fall. I'm starting back up with my trainer and all winter all we'll be working towards the 2010 show season.

I've decided my first recognized show will be Dressage at Doswell hosted by the VADACC May 15-16. A barrel racing friend of mine said the facility is awesome. The show grounds use to be part of Secretariat's farm I believe. My friend is helping with set up for one of their first shows in October.

Begining to look at winter stuff. Gotta stay warm this winter. :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Equine Massage

So my trainer recommended her equine massage lady Susan Greene. She's awesome. I liked her better than the lady I had come out last year. Plus she's like 10 dollars cheapier. Can't beat that. Not only did she give Lilly a massage she taught me how to do it myself. She told me it'll make her improve better if I can give her relief in between sessions.

She loved Lilly. Everyone does. She was being suprisingly great. She's sore at her poll, which Susan showed me how to work out the knots. It's kind of cool. She said she was sore in the hindquarters, but it was a good sore. She liked that she was sore in the hindquarters, it told her that she was actually using her hind quarters. She said she had a lot of clients who have dressage horses that were sore in front, because they weren't using them properly and riding them too much in front.

So I guess I'm doing something right for once. lol.

At the end of the session she put liniment on her left hindquarter and I guess it was too strong for her and she started spazzing out. The right she was fine with. I guess the tingling sensation was too much. She gave me two things of liniments, one already dulited and the other a brand new bottle.

As long as the pony is happy I'm happy. :)

31 days til Devon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Lilly as a baby-->
Not much has been going on. The humidity has been atrocious. My friend who's mare is lame rode her Saturday and Sunday. There was a clinic that the barn hosted on Saturday. Of course no one took video. :( But apparently my pony did real well.

I guess the girl has shown up to 4th Level and Preliminary eventing. Annie said that she said that Lilly was very tense in the neck (not news to me) and gave her some excercises to help her get looser. Of course Lilly bedazzled the trainer, because she's such the attention hog.

Lilly is getting a spa treatment Saturday. My trainer's massage chick is coming out. I have to manage our gymkhana show. But hopefully I can get away from the show for at least 10 minutes. Sometimes my barn has a heartattack when I step away for more than a second. But with the current show crew hopefully it won't be so bad. And plus we got wokie talkies, so they can always page me.


Found a Wintec saddle for $250. Has some fittings. I'm going to get it. It's not my dream saddle, but it'll at least it'll be something.

Been looking at Black Country, Jaguars, and Stubbens. But I need to start saving my money first. April I think I'll buy my "forever" saddle for Lilly.

I have a Quickens account and I took a gander at my spending. I need to reduce the dining out. Some things I can't reduce like transportation, car is where most of my money is going. But hopefully the small changes I can maximize my savings.

Friday, August 14, 2009

2009 QRC Training Level Champion

So yay! Lilly and I are Training Level Champions at Quantico Riding Club. Our average was like 63% something. There weren't many people who qualified for the year end awards, but pretty ribbon.

I'm 4th as overall scores go.

Next year world domination. haha.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So 2009 has flown by. It's amazing how much us humans put dates in such high regards.
I'm a psychotic planner, but I know sometimes planning can't be perfect. Life get's in the way. I do want to get a new truck so I don't have to depend on my dad, but I need to clear up some of the credit cards.

Rest of 2009
Sept. 22-24th: Dressage at Devon. Our class is on Thursday the 24th.
Oct. 10th: Pascal Martin clinic, with Vada/Nova
Oct. 17th: Fun Show
Oct. 24th: Cedar Run HC Show
Nov. 1st: VADA/NOVA Schooling Show
Dec. 5th: Cedar Run HC Show

I want to show, show, show, show!
I want to do a combination of recognized shows and schooling series.
Plus if Rachel Alexandra runs, I want to see her run. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

good pony bad pony

So last night Lilly was awesome. I was pretty darn good too. I'm sitting up not leaning all huntery forward. In turn Lilly is coming more underneath herself and going onto the bit. Our canter depature to the right is a little flakey.

So I get off and is rubbing her with liniment and I feel this hard knot on her right hindquarter. I ask my friend Candice to come over and see what she thinks. Candice says its a knot and shows me some massage techniques. Lilly is like yes!

I had wanted to get her massage treatments last year, but wallet was a little slim. So hopefully I can get the gal who did it last year to come out next week or so.

Bad pony incident.
So I bring Lilly in before work. I had her stall cracked so I could just grab her grain and go back. Yeah I turn around and she's trotting down the barn aisle and then she's like I'm FREE!!!! Runs all around the paddock line. Finally goes into a paddock and illudes capture for another 15 mins.
Since I'm late I figure round pen training session and I make her work. Finally she let's me capture her. Looks so sad. She knows mom's mad. Mom's in her work clothes.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I needs to go on a diet. Everyone says that. But I think that horse riders are athletes so they needs to be in shape. I'll never be a stick thin girl, don't wanna be, but I think I'm packing an extra 10-20lbs. So my goal is to lose 15lbs by April. Which is going to be the start of show season.

So I'm trying to eat a good breakfast, cut back on the bacon. I have a weakness for bacon. Have a nice healthy lunch. Dinner is odd, I'm not a huge dinner person. I usually eat dinner to make my mom happy. But I figure if I cook it, I can save it for lunch the next day. Which also helps on the budget. Because lunch in Alexandria is expensive. I'm spending like $10 a day at work. So need to slim the waist and the boost the budget.

so many things to buy

Switching sports is hard. Hard on the wallet.

I have to get a new saddle, new clothes, new everything. I have a bridle, but it's not show quality.

I was going to get a new bridle this paycheck, but I accidently paid my car note twice. Was on the phone all day with them. Dontcha hate misinformed workers. They're sending me a check as a refund Aug. 10th. My friend was like you're gonna be ahead a payment, but I'm getting rid of my Highlander in Sept. I need a truck, my dad is getting rid of his. I found my truck, F150, bright red, a little foot step thingy for short peeps. :) So that's going to go into savings. So I'm living off of $100 until my next paycheck.

So I have a wishlist on Dover Saddlery. Will cringe to see how much everything adds up to be.

I'm thinking I need either to win the MegaMillion or get a sugar daddy. *ewe* lol.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Dressage at Devon

So I've entered 1 class at Dressage At Devon.

One class has costed me $597.24.
Hotel: $192.24
Stall: $135.00
HandlerFee: $150
Entry Fee: $45
USEF Fees: $75

I'm going to be so poor in September. But at least it's an experience. She's only showing in the ApSHA Breed Class. There is a $500 for first place. So I'll almost break even. If I can sucker my friends to go and help me out with the hotel bill, yeah I'll break even. Woop woop.

The handler's fee might be less. It's actually $75 + his expenses.

I'm going to use Bruce Griffin. I can save money, but it's Devon. My rear end ain't tripping at Devon. haha.

It'll be an experience.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clinics and Lessons

So our barn is hosting it's own clinic Aug. 15th. Of course I'll be out of town. But my friend suggested I find a friend to ride Lilly in it. Sometimes it helps to see someone else ride your pony. So I'm going to see if my friend Annie wants to ride in the clinic. She's more of a western rider, but I'll see if I can talk her into it. She's been riding Lilly a bit because her mare got injured.

Vada/Nova is having a clinic Oct. 10th with Pascal Martin. Hopefully I get my name on the list. It'd be interesting, I've heard good things about him.

I need to start back lessons up with my trainer Kelly Weatherhead. But I've trying to conserve my money. Need to look at my finances maybe I can squeeze a lesson in. That is if it's not a gizzillion degrees this weekend.

I hate the heat. But I need to be consistent.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Saddle Searching

So right now my next transition from hunters to dressage is finding a dressage saddle. Of course Dover Saddlery had a huge tack sale last weekend, but unfortunately I went on vacation the previous weekend and had no money.

Not that I really had the funds to really blow on the saddle at the moment either. I hope to get a brand new saddle sometime in October/November.

My friend Karen at the barn just got a new Stubben. She needs to sell her two Country saddles. She asked if I was interested. Of course, but I wasn't getting my hopes up. Karen's a bit shorter than me and her butt isn't as large.

It fit Lilly beautiful. Me not so much. :( I needed another inch and I would be rocking.

I plan to go by Champion Saddlery next weekend, see what they have in stock. Hopefully they have some decent used ones. Or see how much trade-in value my Pessoa GenX has.

Saddle Shopping is exciting but trying at the same time.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So I decided to get on the bangwagon of blogging. I blog on livejournal, but that's more of my personal journal.

I have a 6yo Appaloosa mare named Revs Go Go Dancer. Her barn name is Lilly, though sometimes we call her more colorful things, when she's being Miss Evil Appy.

I've owned her since April 2005 officially. I started making payments on her in 2004. I was on a college budget and already had one horse. For whatever stupid reason I believed I could buy another horse. I sold him to a lovely teenage girl who loved him until the end of his days.

I wanted to show hunters with Lilly, without even knowing if she had any jumping ability. Eventually we learned that she was a beautiful hunter. She rounds her back, snaps up her knees, and is just a perfect hunter.

But me and her together just proved to be disasterous. My bad habit of jumping ahead with her unsureness about fences, just resulted in too many spills. Eventually I got scared.

What to do?

Sell her?

I've always loved dressage. So I was like what the heck. I used the local dressage series as a way to get her out and about. So she's shown dressage in Intro levels.

So after our barn's dressage show I talked to the judge, Jan Garlitz. I asked her how far she think Lilly could go. She said she had potential to go to 1st or 2nd level dressage.

So 2009 rolled around and I started showing in dressage. It's been a learning experience. She's young and green and sometimes the shadows hold scary things. Then it's also me, being super hunter rider. It's amazing how different hunters ride. I rode in my friend's Stubben Maestro and I felt so odd.

So this is our journey.