Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last show of the season

So Morven Park has it's show on Nov. 13+14th. I need 1 score in Training 4 at 55% or better. I've been working with the bending. That's what kills us. Plus I'm not too keen at this stretchy circle yet. I think the concept is a little foreign to me. She drops her head like a western pleasure horse, but I think that's not how it's suppose to be.

I'm planning to go to Lauren's place next weekend. So hopefully she'll help shed some light on this test for me.

Budi is working with her in jumper, but he also does a few days of dressage with her, because he likes for his jumpers to be supple in the body. So Tuesday he didn't jump at all, just worked on getting her supple and loose.

I also need to set an appointment with my massage lady, because I think she really needs one. Over the winter I hope to get a chiropractor to adjust her. And I need her teeth floated.

So many things to do, pocketbook just always gets thinner. *x*

I like showing, but I can't wait for this last show. I really want to spend the winter training and working hard and do better next year.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Year End Awards so far

I have one more licensed show but at my local show series this is how the super mare has done.

Rebekah Elder & Revs GoGo Dancer
4th-Introductory Level Dressage-64.25%
(Chance they maybe 3rd, if the 2nd place girl doesn't do her volunteer requirements.)
5th-Adult Western Speed Events

Anna Mitchell & Revs GoGo Dancer
Reserve Champion Training Levels-65.00%
(Very pleased with super mare.)
Reserve Champion Novice Horse Division (Speed Show)

As much fun as 2010 has been, I'm ready to concentrate on training this winter and hopefully do better at the licensed shows. She has so much talent, she just needs to stop being stinker mare at the shows.

back in sync

This blog has been neglected. So while I suffer from sleeplessness I'll do a big mini-update. But ever since Sept, my normal routine for certain things has gone out of sync. Working out has suffered as well as this blog.

Dressage at Devon
Was awesome this year. Had a blast with fellow Appy Sport Horse folks. Got to talk to new people and soaked up the atmosphere and the rain. Lilly was totally freaked out about the flags flapping at a 100mile per hour. So she didn't show her best. Plus sinking in super saturated arena is never fun. She still scored 68% which is high for my little downhill skinny neck mare. But I'll take it. She could have scored higher if she wasn't so tense through her back. Ah well. I'll take it.

Quantico Riding Club Schooling Shows
Our last show at our barn was judged by Lauren Sprieser. Who is a friend and person I take lessons with now and then. I have to say Lauren is a great judge. From a show secretary standpoint, she's excellent with the riders and always offers good constructive criticism. A major goal of our shows is to have a laid back show environment especially for beginner riders and novice riders.
We got 66.00% in Training Level 3.
64.00% in Training Level Test 4. I have to say Training 4, is a dousey in a small arena. That loop thing came at you fast! Lauren even admitted that it's tough and she judged me a little lenient on that aspect. She said for small arena, it's better to use the quarter line rather than go all the way to X. But my bend was very blah.

One thing Lauren commented on was how more rounded she was in the canter. She had more lift and was nicer. She felt great. I mean her canters were nice and uphill and happy. :D

My friend Rebekah rode her in Introductory Test B. They got 66.5%. They do well together.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vada/Nova Show

It's been a long time since I updated. Life has been crazy busy past month and half. I'll be posting a wee bit here and there next few days.

Sept. 11th+12th Vada/Nova Show
2nd-Training Level Test 1-60.000%
3rd-Training Level Test 2-56.071%
4th-Training Level Test 3-56.800%
5th-Training Level Test 4-50.800%
All were opportunity classes. I got a dismal score in Training Level Test 4. Not having done it before I didn't really realize the finer points of Training 4. The 50% is too low to use for my year end awards and I have to have a Training 4 test, so I have last opportunity to show in November.

Lauren Sprieser adopted me for the weekend. I have to say it's really nice to have a trainer to help you get warmed up and such.