Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Blog

I'm going to start a new blog.  This encompassing my life in general including the horses.  If you're interested I'll be posting here: 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sale Items

All prices are nego. Shipping is not included. I will ship the saddle for the price UPS quotes me. Email for any questions.
Large Red Slinky.-$25
Doesn't fit my current horse. Has a small tear in one of the eye holes.

Double Bridle-$25
Has one pair of reins and the snaffle bit. Been used lightly.

SMD Elite Boots-$15
size large.

Faded red lunge Line-$5

Oster Clippers-$5

Hunter Bridle-cob size-$15

Purple Silver Mesa English Saddle Bag-$20

2 Bits-$5 each
The copper is slightly peeling on the correction curb. The correction curb I got from SS Tack.

Dover saddle pad-maroon with hunter piping-$5

Little handheld clippers, no back cover-$5

Black Reed Hill Derby-$65
size 7, never been to a show (will include the price of the hat carrier, see below. If you don't want $45)

Hard Hat Carrier-$30
Nice quality hat carrier.

synthetic western saddle-$200
Would fit more high withered narrow horses than stocky horses.
Includes cinch, matching bridle, saddle bags

Buchelous Breyer-$20

Friday, July 20, 2012

2012 show season

So of course my great grand plans got side track this year. This is my new show planned show season.

I'm thinking about pushing back breeding Lilly to 2014. I really want to shoot for the All Breeds and get to 1st level in 2013.

July 22nd-Nokesville Horse Society (maybe)
Aug. 12-Vada/Nova Schooling Show
Aug. 18th-Vada Schooling Show
Sept. 8th-Vada/Nova Schooling Show
Sept. 16th-VADAF Licensed Show
Oct. 7th-Compass Rose Show
Oct. 27th-Willow Way Riding Stables Show
Nov. 11th-Vada/Nova Schooling Championship (if I qualify)

I found a Stubben Tristan saddle that is very affordable so I maybe styling and profiling in a new saddle for the rest of the show season. :)

writing again

It's been a while since I've last posted. Life has been a roller coaster. I met someone, it ended. Lilly was being a psycho herd bound mess. Had some issues with my life and I was in a tizzy emotionally. I was slightly depressed. But boy is gone, the issues are or will be resolved sooner than later.

Lilly is back to her usual self, except she got kicked and that was another 1k bill. In my bout of depression I truly realize that I have amazing friends. I've always known I had great friends, but I really became more hyper aware of it. My bff and are are like 3-days apart and I don't know if it's a Gemini thing, but we are having similar issues at similar times. We definitely helped each other kind of pull out of our funk.

Back to the mare. This year hasn't been what I envisioned it to be. When Lilly was having her herd bound moment I really had no idea what to do. She never acted like that before. And so it made riding not fun. But horses are apart of me, so I'm finally glad her brain has made its way back to her brain cavity again. It's good having my old mare back. And since moving to this new barn, she's different. (I moved to a new barn fyi. Its gorgeous, but no barn.) It's too late for me to try and do 4 licensed shows for All Breeds this year. I decided to just hit the schooling show circuit. But I'm going to have to get her legged back up again. But that's it for now. Got to get ready for work.

 I'll definitely be posting more. :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lilly update

So here's a quickish update.

Dr. Davis came out the Monday after Lilly was lame those two days.

She's totally sound.

So Dr. Davis told me to just keep an eye, if after the fifth dose of Adequan if reversed again, we'd start her on Lyme's treatment.

Lilly is doing great. I guess the Adequan is doing its thing.

I have my entry forms prepped for the March 24th show at Morven Park. Hopefully I'll get in. I forget that Vada/Nova shows fill up quick.

I also have my entry prepped for the Vada/Nova Licensed show.

Just my weekends have been so jammed pack, that I'm like I want to see my trainer, but just don't have the time to haul. augh.

We'll find a way.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


are and up and down journey.

So Lilly has felt bleh lately. Not lame, just bleh. I figure maybe it's because I haven't been riding lately. Maybe she just needs to be shaped up a bit.

But when my student rode her, she didn't look normal. She wasn't lame, but my gut was saying something isn't right. But she's not lame.

So I went to my trainers anyways and when I got there. My trainer asked me to trot her. And then she felt more BLAH! I'm like hmmm.... This isn't my normal gal. My trainer was like, she doesn't look right. She looks sticky.

So we trotted on a loose rein and still she just didn't feel right.

My trainer was told me, If I never seen this horse move I would think it's just a sticky mover, but I know how your mare moves and this isn't her norm today. I said yes definitely. She doesn't feel right.

So I booked an appoitnment at the vets for Wed. We go and she scores a 1 on the lameness exam on the flexion. He said do you want to x-ray her or what? I said let's go and x-ray her, because why not. Let's see how good my insurance is. I've never had to use it.

So 1,200 later, she had clean x-rays. Her hocks are clean. Nothing sketchy going on. He sat me down and told me to put he on Adequan and a pain med (for 30 days) and see how she's doing. He also told me he wanted to test her for Lyme's disease. I was like okay. Whatever. Didn't really think anything of it.

He calls me Tuesday I think and said she tested negative on the first two parts of the Lymes test, but tested positive for the third thing they test for. He said the test isn't 100% reliable because all it can mean is that she's been exposed to Lymes and carries the antibodies.

I gave her a few days off like instructed and started riding on Sunday. She felt great. I wasn't able to ride Wed because the rain. So yesterday my student rode her. I figure it'd be good, she'll just walk-trot her, be an easy day for her.

She's lame. She's worse yesterday then she was on my Sunday ride. I noticed in the walk she wasn't really using her hocks that well. And then when my student trotted it was definitely noticeable. Even my student's mom saw it. I'm like fiddlesticks. Fiddle fing sticks.

I was seriously sad. I got home and was trying to eat something, stepped on the dog and I thought of Lilly being lame and hurting and I just hurt the damn dog. I just started crying.

It's tough when they hurt I hurt. So I'm calling the vet today. I can't sleep right now. I'll find out what he says to do.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Show Season

This is going to be a crazy year. Of course as the year goes on, I'll have to tweek it and change things. Budi may have to take Lilly without me. But we'll see how everything works out.

Feb. 5th: Jumpers @Frying Pan Park
Mar 11th: Jumpers @Frying Pan Park
Mar 24th: Vada/Nova Schooling @Morven Park
April 7th+8th: Vada/Nova Licensed Show
April 18th-22nd: HITS Jumpers
or April 22nd: Sandstone Jumpers
May 5th-6th: Dressage at the Meadows Vada Central
May 20th: Moriah Jumpers
May 26th: Dressage @ Heavenly Waters
May 28th: THE Shows @Fox Whisper Farms (students)
June 3rd: Moriah Jumpers
June 9th: VADA/NOVA Dressage
June 10th: THE Shows @Fox Whisper Farms (students)
June 23rd-24th: PVDA Ride for Life
July 4th-8th: HITS (prob just do Wed-Thur)
July 7th: THE Shows @Fox Whisper Farms (students)
July 11-15th: HITS
July 13th-15th: Dressage At Lexington
(This is going to be a lets see how she's doing in jumpers and dressage. But I think I am going to try and do the VADA Fall Competition and she has never shown u/s at Lexington)
July 29th: Moriah Jumpers
Aug. 4th: THE Shows @Fox Whisper Farms (students)
Aug. 5th: Moriah Jumpers
Aug. 12th: Vada Schooling/Vada Breed Show
Aug. 15th-19th: HITS Culpeper
Aug. 22nd-26th: HITS Culpeper
Sept. 9th: Moriah Jumpers
Sept. 2nd: THE Shows @Fox Whisper Farms (students)
Sept. 15th-16th: VADAF @Rosemont Farm
Sept. 22nd: Moriah Jumpers
Sept. 25th-Sept. 30th: Dressage at Devon (prob just going not showing)
Oct. 6th: THE Shows @Fox Whisper Farms (students)
Oct. 18th-21st: Vada Fall Competition
Nov. 1st-4th: GAIGs


I've ignored the blogspot world. :(

Sooo here's another brief recap.

Budi and Lilly finished 13th (or so) in Low Jumpers in VHSA. Not bad for like 5 shows.

I have goals to start showing her again. I'll post my show schedule soon.

She was a little off. Very mildly lame. Took her to Piedmont and her x-rays are clean. She's started on Adequan.

2012 is going to be crazy awesome! I can feel it! :)