Friday, July 20, 2012

2012 show season

So of course my great grand plans got side track this year. This is my new show planned show season.

I'm thinking about pushing back breeding Lilly to 2014. I really want to shoot for the All Breeds and get to 1st level in 2013.

July 22nd-Nokesville Horse Society (maybe)
Aug. 12-Vada/Nova Schooling Show
Aug. 18th-Vada Schooling Show
Sept. 8th-Vada/Nova Schooling Show
Sept. 16th-VADAF Licensed Show
Oct. 7th-Compass Rose Show
Oct. 27th-Willow Way Riding Stables Show
Nov. 11th-Vada/Nova Schooling Championship (if I qualify)

I found a Stubben Tristan saddle that is very affordable so I maybe styling and profiling in a new saddle for the rest of the show season. :)

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