Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So Saturday my friend talked me into going to the WAshington International Horse Show. I met them in Chantilly and we metroed into DC.

It was a lot of fun. My only exposure to a lot of the big time riders are at the WIHS every 5 years or on the Olympics. I like jumpers but I just don't follow it too much. A few of my favs were there Rodrigo Pessoa, McClain Ward, Margie Engle, and Todd Minikus. Only 3 riders made it to a jump off, but it's still all very exciting. I need to go to more jumper shows. So much fun.

Sunday was a busy day. I skipped church and did a lot of barn chores. I gave her a bath because we're having family photos. My mom wanted the entire family including the fuzzy ones. So horse got bathed. Then I went home and brushed the dog out. He was nice and white and fluffy.

Surprisingly it only took a few seconds. Both animals are photo hams so they all looked at the camera.
We tried taking pics of my ma, me and the pony, but the pony decided that I didn't need to be in the shot.

Then the dog and the horse, but my friend said the dog look so incredibly scared that they didn't come out. We also took some liberty photos and two free jump shots. She's so cute over fences.

I rode with one of the kids at the barn. I didn't want too I was so tired. I didn't get back from the WIHS until 2:30. But I had a really good ride.
My back wasn't hurting, Lilly wasn't resisting, she was very soft in the mouth. So it was a really good ride.
We stood next to my friend who was practicing roping. I wanted to see how she reacted to whirling ropes. She wasn't bothered at all.
So this weekend very tiring but all in all good.

Oh and the Spy Museum is a whole lotta fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Oh the x-ray came out clean. I am not broken. I fear the bill from the hospital now. yikes. So now I'll let my mother book me an appointment to see the Chinese Medicine Doctor.

So finally I will get on my pony tonight. How much I ride is depending on how the good ole back feels. Of course since I sold my saddle I'll be cowgirl up. :)

I probably won't be too much as in schooling. I'm going to work on the small things from the Pascal clinic. It's suppose to be 75-79 degrees today. *swoon*

While I like cooler weather last weekend was not good. Nein nein nein.

So many happy things in my universe. My favorite band released a new cd. Finally get to ride. Halloween is next weekend and I will have a costume. I'm sewing it myself. She's Alice from the PC game, it's slightly gothic. I hate Alice in the movie but I like the imagery.

Hopefully my sewing skills will return to me. I busted out the sewing machine and starred at all the knobs before remembering what the knobs do.

I'm paying off my debt. Credit cards are dwindling slowly and surely. Paying off the vet bill. Never ever going back to that Vet again. I can't recommend them anymore. I use to like them, but now they're just sketchy. I want to see if Piedmont will come to my barn. They were nice.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

So this saddle is in my immediate future. I think I can get it by early December. Yes!

It's a Thornhill Vienna II. Apparently they're built off the Passier Grand Gilbert. It's the saddle my friend let me try out.

So when I can find a flex ruler I will be doing a saddle tracing for Lilly.

It's not my dream saddle, but I'd be saving a lot longer for that one. So this will have to do for now.

Nothing to do with Horses

I'm a Raiders fan. Yes I know. But at least we're better than the Redskins right now.

There is a pigeon flying with the Raiders and he was lined up with the Raiders. Mighty funny.

So long dear Pessoa

So I had a lady come up to look at my Pessoa saddle. She liked it, of course, it's a great saddle. She said the new Pessoas aren't as good as the older ones.

So I'm now english saddless. I do have my western saddle, which is better than nothing.

Lilly was only using 2% of her brain today. Those 2% were telling her be a total dipstick. She wanted to rush the main gate of the barn. I told her no, she needed to walk. She kicked at me.

Excuse me?

I was in such shock. She never kicks out at me. So we worked on our little temper tantrum. Finally she walked out the barn door. But towards her paddock, she gigged like she was a race horse going to the KY Derby. I have to admit she was a little cute. I let her go and she started bucking. What can you expect with a pony who's been pended up for 4 days. A little nutso. But she's going to work starting Tuesday. That's if my back agrees with me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

hospital visit

So I went to the doctor today. He said my Saturday injury is just bruising. Gave me a prescription for Aleve for that. But he's not sure what's causing my issues with my left hip from my fall last year. So 2 hours later I got X-Rays done of my hip and spine.

If he says no breaks or anything I'm going to the Chinese Doctor. I hate the Chinese Doctor, (who is really Korean).My mom made me take this herbal crap as a kid. So I detest going to his office, but at the same time I know it can help. It's help my mother a lot. As long as he keeps those crazy herbal remedies in his office and out of my fridge we should be fine.

I mucked my stall, but I couldn't lift the wheel barrow. Thank goodness for great barn buddies. And luckily I had some hay in my trailer. I don't think I could lift a bale right now.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

not much on the front lines

So with Lilly being sick and me out of commission it's been a slow week.

I'm going to try and hop on hopefully tomorrow. What is tomorrow? Thursday. This week having Monday off is wierded out my schedule.

I need to get a flexible ruler so we can do Lilly's saddle tracing. I'm also thinking about clipping her, but I want to wait until I can get a new stable blanket and a back up turnout blanket.

Tired. Been a long long day.

Monday, October 12, 2009


So I tried my friend's saddle a Thornhill Vienna II, yesterday. I liked it. Her's was too small for my butt, but it fit Lilly and instantly I was in a better seat. My friend Andrea said I looked good.

I felt horrible. Not from the saddle but from the fall the previous day. My back can't handle the shock of the posting or sitting. So I two pointed in the saddle. But I stopped.

So ick. I'm going to have to lay off the riding until my doctor's appointment on Friday.
Lilly has caught a cold anyways. She has a running nose. No fever, but her nose is gunky. So green tea and apple cider vinegar in her grain to help her immune system.

I put my saddle up on horse grooming supplies. I really wish I could keep my GenX, so many memories in that thing, but right now I need a dressage saddle.

So I have two gals interested. One lives in VA and said she wants to come out and test it out. So if she takes it then good. If not I have a back up buyer. Then I have downpayment on the layaway on my new saddle.

If I can get all my western show stuff sold I can get my saddle sooner than later, but it's been a pain.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pascal Martin Clinic

So I headed off to Leesburg yesterday for the Vada/Nova Adult Clinic with Pascal Martin. I got lost for an hour.

Later I realized that Google Maps was right theoretically, it's just that they closed the road that it told me to take. My friend called me and her mom and I figured it out via their GPS.

I made it in time. Lilly was looking all around but once I started to groom her she settled. I hand walked her around their outdoor dressage arena and then the manager got me and told me I could go in.

It's a little nerve wracking to ride in front of strangers. You know they're watching and chatting. But oh well I did my thing.

Pascal came out and he was like ah an Appaloosa. But with his French accent it came out all French sounding.

He was extremely nice. At home I could tell you everything wrong with my horse. When he asked me my mind was blank. Then finally I found my voice and started to tell him. She finds it hard to flex and be on the bit. She'll just dive down.

He commented on my saddle. He said it's a good saddle, but not for dressage. Which I know it is. And I'm looking.

He told me most horses tend to be overflexed but she has the opposite problem. She sticks her nose out.

So we worked on that in the walk and halts at first. They were really baby steps, but for me I really needed it. And so did Lilly.

As we worked on it was amazing how much different she felt once she really started to flex at the poll and accept the bit. He told me to constantly squeeze the reins so she gets use to accept the bit more and loosens at the jaw.

She really started to respond. We worked the trot too and I could really feel her start to use herself better when she was flexing at the poll.

I was smiling because she felt really good. They ladies who were there clapped too. :) yay!

The canter was disastrous. We went to the left first and I went forward and blah. But we worked a little bit. Then to the right.

She bucked me off. I hit the ground hard. I got the wind knocked out of me and I was seriously thinking oh shit. So after chilling on the ground for a bit I relearned how to breath and Pascal helped me up. Lilly stood close to me during the whole thing.

I got back on. We worked again. He asked me to trot again, but I couldn't. My back and hips can't take the shock of posting or sitting the trot. So I told him I can't do it. So we worked back on the walk and halt transitions and getting her flexed.

We ended on a positive note. He's a really good teacher I'd recommend him. I wish I could have seen the other girls ride, but being late and having to go to a party I couldn't.

I talked to the ladies at the clinic. One of the noted that the buck didn't look like a naughty buck, but she may have been uncomfortable. I've been wondering if my saddle doesn't fit her anymore. I've noticed she's been relunctant to pick up her canter lately. But when I rode in my western saddle the other day she was fine.

They all liked her and thought she was cute. I was chatting with the ladies and she was just chilling with us. I've been really happy with how her behavior is lately. She has been really quiet and not letting things bother her like in recent past.

They all commented on how much she improved in the lesson. One lady took pics and hopefully she'll send me them. She did look good. :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Conquering the Fear

Last year my dreams of having a champion hunter were dashed. More by my confidence and riding ability than Lilly's ability.

I took a fence (albeit no helmet not smart I know) and she jumped it like she was trying to qualify for the Olympics.

Upon the landing I knew I was in trouble. I crashed and burned. That's one major reason I'm switching from hunters to dressage.

Lilly is a beautiful hunter. But my old trainer is right in when he says if you're not perfect she won't jump. It's not that's she's being dirty, but it's kind of her personality. I do a lot of cardinal errors that my gelding let me get away with.
I've fallen off before, but those usually weren't bad. I was just sore and I get back on.

But that last fall was my final straw. So I decided that all feet on the ground was a better option.

So last night I donned my trusty helmet. :) And I warmed up and then I set up a tiny x-rail. We did it twice. I can tell she enjoyed it. But I was nervous as hell. First time she just trotted over it the second time she put more effort into it.

It felt good. I miss jumping. In like two of the clinics I've done every one of them has commetted I have good hunter equitation. But I think i'll wait for a better partner. One that once say "ah no."

I don't think I'll jump her any higher. I need a packer for hunters and she isn't one. But it's something that's been nagging me. You're suppose to get back on after you fall. Which I have obviously, but I haven't jumped since then.

Another thing in relation to this post. My hip has still been hurting from said accident. So I finally got an appointment with a sports medicine doctor next Friday. Hopefully it's nothing too horrid. If he says no riding I'll laugh at his face.

Tomorrow I got a clinic with Pascal Martin
Sunday I have a clinic with Greg Andrews.
Monday holiday. I may just hack her in the field. See if she won't die on me. She's not fond of going out on trail or riding outside the arena.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

future boyfriend for Lilly?

So boredom and the search for future boyfriends for Lilly resulted in finding this spotted boytoy.

Palousa san Sebastian

He's by San Remo (KWPN/Hano) out of an Appaloosa/Trakehner mare.

His broodmare sire is Gribaldi, who sired Anky's stud Painted Black and Totlias. Two hot dressage stars right now.

He's located in UK. I emailed the owner and was talking to her a little bit. She hasn't started to ship semen to the USA. She's going to wait a few years and try and find a dealer. So hopefully in a few years I'll be ready to breed Lilly.

She said he just went to a dressage show and scored 68% and won the class. He's a nice mover there is a video on one of the stallion websites he's on.

She said he's maturing nicely and resembles Gribaldi more than San Remo.

Just the leopard spots are crazy. I'm not a huge leopard person. I prefer blankets, so it'd be a total suprise what color the baby will be.


Monday, October 5, 2009

men hunting vs. saddle hunting

So Friday night my friend was like we're going to find you a man.

Well eye shopping was full of potentials. Like saddle shopping.

Meet one guy but he was moving to Cali. He was hot, good looking, had a Scottish accent the drunker he got, and had horses. Clydesdales. But apparently wolves got them. He said they found one dead Cylesdales and three dead wolves.


Real point saddle shopping is a lot easier in that saddles well are a lot easier to deal with then boys.

I'm looking at the Thornhill Vienna II. It's 800, leather, and the lady said to just send a wither tracing so they can get an accurate fit. My friend has one so I'm going to sit in it. Her's is a 16, so it's not an exact fit but at least I can get a feel for it.

I want the Black Country, but it's going to take forever to save up for it.

So saddle hunting score 1. men hunting 0.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

need for speed

So yesterday we had our western speed show. It was a make up date from August.

We only had 5 horses and like 7 riders. So need to say it was a craptastic attended show. So I told folks if they wanted their ribbons, 2.50 per ribbon. We pay like 2.37 for each one, but who wants to figure that math out.

My friend who usually comes and brings two horses truck broke down. So the girl who rides her 2nd horse was horseless. I told her to just use Lilly.

In the practice round she got Lilly to go really fast. If Lilly were to be a race horse she'd be a strayer, she get's very long and low when she runs. She's no means a games horse. She can't do quick turns, but the TB pedigree really shows through.

Her famous relative winning 1984 Turf Classic, John Henry. Her broodmare sire is his 1/2 brother. I wish I could have visited him before he died. I just found out she was related to him a few weeks before he passed.


She did win one class. I'm not sure which one now. But it was a good shitting around day.
Now I have to get her to be all nice and framed up.

Hopefully I'll ride today, but it'll depend on how much the hay will kick my ass. Getting a load today. hurray!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wanna Be a Cowboy

Not really, but I rode western yesterday. Since Devon, I forgot a lot of my stuff in my dad's truck. I don't have a dressing room or a tack storage cubbie in my trailer.

Piece of Advice if you plan on showing.


It's so frustrating, having to take everything out. Then put everything back in. Then stuff get's misplaced or whatever.
Preparing for Devon I realized I think someone walked off with my stable wraps and other stuff.

But anyways that's a side track.

I had my western saddle in the tack room. I had no bridle so I borrowed my friend's curb. It's a simple curb, not harsh. I was worried because I saw this wicked curb in the tackroom, but I realized that wasn't her bridle.

When anyone sees Lilly being ridden western, they're like omg. But I broke her western. When I was going to compete in western pleasure with her, I got her to do a nice jog. But to lope was not going to happen. She had such a huge canter, why force her to be something she is not. Plus western pleasure ain't fun anyways.

But we had a nice little ride. She remembers neck reining. She's better to the right then to the left. Asked her for turn on the forehand and side passing. My little dressage western pony did well.

:) I was going to ride tonight, but my friend wants to take me out man hunting. lol. OktoberFest. Need the man to help pay for the horse. :P