Sunday, October 2, 2011

a blah year

This time last year I was gun ho! I wanted to move up to first level, do All-Breeds in Dressage, Budi was going to show Lilly in jumpers, and Mitchell Sport Horses (with one horse) was going to dominate.

Well my job was uncertain.

My body was revolting.

Mentally I was in a stink.

The body is almost fixed. But whatever it's going to be what it is and I've started to ride again. My brain I think has reconnected with my head. Unless I go postal I still have a job. Just still uncertain with what company.

Budi did do well with Lilly this year. Right now she sits at 15th in the VA in Low Jumpers. Which considering we've only did 3 schooling shows is not to shabby.

I need a lesson like nobody's business. Just my schedule has been retarted as heck.
Lilly has two more jumper shows with Budi. So Sandstone next Saturday and then Magnolia Jumper show on Oct. 22nd.

Then we close out the show season with a costume dressage show on Oct. 29th. Then the new show season starts Dec. 1st. I've done some pre-planning the rated shows, but the schooling shows won't release their dates until later.