Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

Sometimes the media drives me crazy, but I have to remind myself it is a 10 year anniversary. But every year I remember. Every year I tend to not do anything on 9-11. I don't sit at home in terror but I do remember those who lost their lives. Working at a federal agency 9-11 always seems to be a light day. It seems that our area is still not over the attacks. More people seem to just stay at home. So while it is a ten year anniversary and the media is pumping it up more than usual, no one has forgotten and people are still in terror of this day.

I was seventeen years ago sitting in English class. Our long-term sub came in with a morbid look on her face. She said one of the Twin Towers had been hit with an airplane. I looked at her and said "That's a really morbid joke." She said it was no joke. She said the reason she was late is that all the teachers were briefed not to let us watch it. We were all in lock-down mode.

She defied the principal like many teachers did that day and we watched the horror that was taking place. We saw the second plane hit the tower. My classmates were crying, shouting in rage, or sitting quietly watching everything unfold. Then reports of a plane hitting the Pentagon had many of us worried. Many of us had family or friends who worked in D.C.

Living so close to D.C. we all knew someone who was involved. One of my favorite sushi customers actually worked in the Pentagon. She got up from her desk to get an orange juice. She lost so many of her friends and co-workers that day.

We will remember this day. We will remember those who lost their lives. We will never forget.