Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sandstone Jumper Show

I'm a bit distracted due to the Caps game, but I need to write this post.

I left the barn early Sunday morning. Budi was going to meet me in Marshall, VA. About to load her when I notice she's twitching all over. OMG! I'm like she's been tested for HYPP and she's negative. I was freaking out until I realized, darn it's pretty cold and she was clipped. So I loaded her and when I stopped for gas she had stopped shivering. Yup goofy owner.

We get to showgrounds. I have to say the drive out there was beautiful! Made me want to win the lottery now and move out there. Tho I've decided I want to move to Marshall, VA instead. :P

Budi warms her up and takes the liverpool. I think she's gotten over the liverpool now. Then 3 hours later we wait for our first class Low Jumpers 2'6-2'9".
She was doing so well until the dreaded blue and orange plank fence. She came to a screeching halt. Twice.
Elimation. (I didn't know 2 tries was the new rule. Was use to 3x.) Budi asked the judge if he could jump it again and she said yes. So he did and she soared over it like it was 5' high.

I could hear a lot of people talk about her. That Appy can jump. That mare has a lot of scope. Nice for an App. Those type of comments. When she refused they were all like oh no! She was doing so well!

The red and yellow combo was the toughie that time. She balked again at the colorful combo and while she took it again, Budi decided to retire. The owner of the farm was like you weren't out. Budi had his plan. He said it didn't matter he knew she would jump the last two fences, the combos were what she needed schooling in.

So we waited for the last class Schooling Jumper. It got delayed a bit but finally Budi and Lilly did their round. She did fantastic! It was her first time doing a full course of fences higher than 3'. I was so happy.

Budi was happy. When we came out of the arena he was like is there a jump-off? I'm like no. I'll double check but I think time in the first round is what they pin. He was like if there's a jump-off scratch. He wanted to end her on that.

She pinned 5th in a very competitive field. Supermare definitely did awesome. Next show is May 1st at Union Ridge.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I haven't died, tho my laptop did for a good while.

Lilly is doing great. We are prepping for the next jumper show. She'll be at Sandstone Farm.

We've decided to do Upperville Colt & Horse Show.

She's jumped 3'8", and did well.

My friend dressage show is going to be a schooling show May 7th and then May 15th we're going to Doswell for a dressage show down there. Only doing one day.

I don't plan on showing very much this year. Money and just cautious about it since our contract is coming up for renewal. But I plan on going to Doswell and PVDA Ride for Life at least.