Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finally Ride Time

So tomorrow I'm going to Laughing Fox Farm to ride. Well probably lunge my mare, because she's loopier than a fruit loop right now.

Actually she's been good. I rode her up from her paddock to the arena. I rode in the arena for a bit. She has a funny thing where I know she wants to go crazy. I could feel all that energy that wanted to be released. It was building and building. But she waited patiently. My friend finished her hack and got out of the arena. I hopped off. She stood there like a good girl and I unleashed the fury.

She ran up the gate and bucked out at Danica and Thomas. I joked with Danica that Thomas called her fat and she was giving him the last hoof. After that she galloped and played.

I haven't ridden my horse like a real hack in like 3 weeks. I feel awful. I've been working out, but it's not the same. How am I suppose to show in March when I can't ride?!? GAH!

I need to hit the lotto so I can go to Florida each winter.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I've had these thoughts for a bit. Budi wants to show Lilly. No problems with that. I want to show Lilly as well. Got that figured out. No biggie.

I want to get her in the Bronze Studbook with ApSHA before I breed her in 2012. That's easy. With her improving so much over the past few months I think we can do it.

Budi made a mention that he just wants to keep her at 3' and smaller divisions in 2011, and then see how she does. But if I breed her in 2012, that'll put a lot of plans on the halt.

Budi's excited about me breeding her. He loves her attitude and her talent over the fences. In my mind, I'm breeding her first baby for me dressage baby. And the second baby for him jumper baby.

I guess if I saved the money starting now I could do embryo transfer, but it's still an expensive procedure.

I'm such a neurotic planner. 2012 seem so far away, but really it's not.

I have ideas of who I want to breed too. WB stallions. I know my Appy friends probably grumble. But I really like these two studs. But that's a post for another day.

2010 Awards

So this year was good. Though being a perfectionist I don't like being in the 50% percentile. 60s! haha. But ribbons are ribbons. :D

Virginia Dressage Association: Northern VA Chapter
5th-Training Level Licesed Levels
Champion-Appaloosa Sport Horse Association Award

Quantico Riding Club
Reserve Champion-Training Level
Reserve Champion-Novice Horse Speed Events
5th-Adult Speed Events, with Rebekah Elder
4th-Introductory Level with Rebekah Elder

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jumping Pics

Saturday's session was smaller fences. We jumped her 2'9" last time, but Budi just wanted to do a light workout. I borrowed my dad's camera. She was very naughty and bucky and really just wanted to jump. Budi likes his horse to be supple and she was being a mare.

Budi's plan is to show her at Frying Pan Park over the winter. Hit the Sandstone circuit over the spring, and then do HITS in the summer. Nothing over 3'.

Our first show barring any crazy snow storm is this Sunday. ::crosses fingers:: I hope this predicted snow is a joke tomorrow. I've been excited about it for a bit.

mini update

Past few weeks have been a whirlwind. First our dog passed away. It was rather sudden, we had been treating his allergies, took him to a different vet, turned out he had skin and stomach cancer. I miss him dearly. He was such a good pup.

Then I had Lasik eye surgery done. I had the PKR procedure, where they don't cut your eyeball. A little more recovery time, but so far it's been worth it.

I haven't been on my mare since maybe... um.... Last Thursday actually. Mini hack. But this cold weather really has been bothering me. Plus Budi has been riding her more and I didn't feel like messing up his schedule.

She's been a little naughty. I need to get a heavyweight for her so she can go out more. Just waiting for my paycheck and then also get me some winter boots.

Lauren is leaving for Florida. Our arena is sketchy sometimes. But the holidays money always seems to disappear. Budi is also working her for the winter jumper season.

So I think I'm going to ask Davera for another side saddle lesson. It was so much fun, I've just been so busy. My Christmas present to myself. :D

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun Lil Hacks

So this week I haven't done very much serious training. Monday I wasn't going to ride, but I felt like I should because supposedly it was going to rain Tuesday and Wed. So I just hoped on bareback. To be honest my dog was sick so I've been stressed. I hoped on at the fence. She was a good girl, got on and we opened the gate and off we went up the hill. We went to the arena and was talking. My friend let us in and we just trotted all around.

For folks who've never ridden you can sense the mood of your horse. Monday night she was in a playful and happy mood. We trotted circles, serpantines, over poles. So it helped cheer me up. I'm happy that I can sit her big trot.

Last night I hacked her lightly. She was so good. Last week we were having issues with the right bend. She refused to bend to the right. Last night she was a super star. The left bend, was okay. But overall she was so supple and round. I was so happy last night. It was only about a 15 minute hack, but it was good enough. And it was way too cold too. *x*

Gotta get my winter breeches soon.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lilly Jumper

So Lilly worked over fences on Sunday. She was a rock star. We did a gymnastic line with her. He told me that he's just going to do a line. He said he'll save the courses for at the show.

Another thing about her he really got a sense of is that he just needs to drive her. He said once she's going to the fence, he just has to drive her with his legs and seat and she'll jump. He doesn't have to really balance her and really get in her mouth to keep her from being crazy.

She's so freaking tight over the fences. Her knees snap up and she's so careful with her feet as well. She flicks them extra high to make sure she doesn't rub a rail. Tho she was a little lazy with the cross rail. She hit it twice. Silly mare. But the big fences, she didn't want to touch.

Like my friend Greg use to say "no respect for little fences." lol.

She's clipped as well. She has a nice little trace clip. Need to upload pics and videos soon. Been lazy past two days. :P

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jumping School

So Lilly has entered jumping school with Budi Tulodo. :D He's worked with her here and there he wanted to wait until I was finished with my showing. The show is looming Dec. 19th, he's going to have the up the training.

He was suppose to ride today, but problem with Budi is sometimes he can't get away from his clients up north. But tomorrow morning he'll definitely be riding. I'm going to set up a line.

I painted a few fences red and white and pink! :D I haven't finished painting, with my dog needing to go to the vet I've hold off on any purchases until after I see the vet bill. I wanted to paint one standards red-white-blue, and another John Deer themed.

Dec. 19th is around the corner. Kind of excited. :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

a lil behind

Went to the last Morven Park show. We didn't do too bad. I just get in a habit of riding like a hunter in shows. I need to really eliminate that over the winter.

Circles are a way to get Lilly's mind back on me. So when a trailer zoomed past us and spooked her I immediately sent her in a circle. Her mind instantly focused back on me and we continued to make our way to A to start our test. :D

I've been riding without stirrups lately, but when I put my stirrups back my legs don't know what to do.

This is going to be a short post. I needed to update, but didn't have too much time lately.

Need to shop for new horse insurance.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lesson with Lauren

So I headed to Lauren's place Saturday the 6th of November. (I'm a little late with this blog post, wrote it but forgot to post it) The day was beautiful. Aside from the wind blowing it was a great day.

So I get ready to tack up and I realize that I forgot my saddle! o.O oh no! I felt like a block head. Lauren lent me one of her saddles, so situation taken care of.

We started the lesson, working with getting Lilly rounder. Lauren commented on how much she’s improved and how less resistant she’s become. She asked me how her jumping was coming along.

The spiral exercise came into play. Patrick also does this exercise with us too. So we spiraled in and then we spiraled out. She was being a little bit of a bugger. I think all the fresh cool air was making her feel extra jazzy. She went on a little bit of a bucking spree. Plus since this saddle wasn’t mine, I was reaching for my stirrups. This is after Lauren even rolled them. I got short legs.

Lauren taught me how to leg yield properly. I always kind of did it the hunter way. I explained how I was taught and she gave me a funny look and proceeded to tell me how to leg yield correctly. Of course I over think sometimes and she even was like Anna stop thinking so much. Lol. Then it’s like I have a new toy to play with. I practice it a bit on my Sunday ride.

She also tried to teach me how to bring Lilly down from canter to a trot by picking the right moment where she wouldn’t fall so downhill. But it’s going to take me a few times to really get it in my head. The right moment comes so quick, that it’s like ahh! So I’ll figure it out eventually.

So we're going back to Lauren's place on Friday. Took off because of Harry Potter midnight showing, plus I have to take a day off, because I'm working Black Friday. Danica and Cherie are planning to be there with me as well. So it's a grand day with the ponies on Friday. :D

Sunday, November 7, 2010


If you read my blog you'll get a sense that I don't have one instructor.
Why have one when you can have three! ;P

I switch btw Kelly Weatherhead, Patrick Tigchelaar, and Lauren Sprieser. 4 if you count Budi, but I don't take lessons from Budi he just rides my horse. But if I want lessons I can take them.

Why do I have three?

I've learned so much from all my instructors. With all the instructors they all are trying to get my super woman to be a little rounder. That's everyone's goal is to make the Lilly girl more rounder. Everyone except Lilly is fond of this idea. But she's getting there.

But each instructor has brought something different to the table. I've learned so much about dressage from each of them. That it's hard for me to pick which one I'd go to.

They all gripe about my position, Kelly nitpicks at my position more than the others. Lauren the second most and Patrick the least, but during one of my lessons I forgot what the hell a diagonal was, but my position was fine. ::rolls eyes::

Then sometimes they all tell me something and I'll do the movement and they praise me, but my brain is still confused. Then finally I'll have my own Ah ha! moment either during a lesson or just randomly.

This winter I plan on trucking on as much as the weather will allow. I really want to start breaking into the first level dimension. But with Lilly's permission of course.

But it's a system that works for me.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last show of the season

So Morven Park has it's show on Nov. 13+14th. I need 1 score in Training 4 at 55% or better. I've been working with the bending. That's what kills us. Plus I'm not too keen at this stretchy circle yet. I think the concept is a little foreign to me. She drops her head like a western pleasure horse, but I think that's not how it's suppose to be.

I'm planning to go to Lauren's place next weekend. So hopefully she'll help shed some light on this test for me.

Budi is working with her in jumper, but he also does a few days of dressage with her, because he likes for his jumpers to be supple in the body. So Tuesday he didn't jump at all, just worked on getting her supple and loose.

I also need to set an appointment with my massage lady, because I think she really needs one. Over the winter I hope to get a chiropractor to adjust her. And I need her teeth floated.

So many things to do, pocketbook just always gets thinner. *x*

I like showing, but I can't wait for this last show. I really want to spend the winter training and working hard and do better next year.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Year End Awards so far

I have one more licensed show but at my local show series this is how the super mare has done.

Rebekah Elder & Revs GoGo Dancer
4th-Introductory Level Dressage-64.25%
(Chance they maybe 3rd, if the 2nd place girl doesn't do her volunteer requirements.)
5th-Adult Western Speed Events

Anna Mitchell & Revs GoGo Dancer
Reserve Champion Training Levels-65.00%
(Very pleased with super mare.)
Reserve Champion Novice Horse Division (Speed Show)

As much fun as 2010 has been, I'm ready to concentrate on training this winter and hopefully do better at the licensed shows. She has so much talent, she just needs to stop being stinker mare at the shows.

back in sync

This blog has been neglected. So while I suffer from sleeplessness I'll do a big mini-update. But ever since Sept, my normal routine for certain things has gone out of sync. Working out has suffered as well as this blog.

Dressage at Devon
Was awesome this year. Had a blast with fellow Appy Sport Horse folks. Got to talk to new people and soaked up the atmosphere and the rain. Lilly was totally freaked out about the flags flapping at a 100mile per hour. So she didn't show her best. Plus sinking in super saturated arena is never fun. She still scored 68% which is high for my little downhill skinny neck mare. But I'll take it. She could have scored higher if she wasn't so tense through her back. Ah well. I'll take it.

Quantico Riding Club Schooling Shows
Our last show at our barn was judged by Lauren Sprieser. Who is a friend and person I take lessons with now and then. I have to say Lauren is a great judge. From a show secretary standpoint, she's excellent with the riders and always offers good constructive criticism. A major goal of our shows is to have a laid back show environment especially for beginner riders and novice riders.
We got 66.00% in Training Level 3.
64.00% in Training Level Test 4. I have to say Training 4, is a dousey in a small arena. That loop thing came at you fast! Lauren even admitted that it's tough and she judged me a little lenient on that aspect. She said for small arena, it's better to use the quarter line rather than go all the way to X. But my bend was very blah.

One thing Lauren commented on was how more rounded she was in the canter. She had more lift and was nicer. She felt great. I mean her canters were nice and uphill and happy. :D

My friend Rebekah rode her in Introductory Test B. They got 66.5%. They do well together.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vada/Nova Show

It's been a long time since I updated. Life has been crazy busy past month and half. I'll be posting a wee bit here and there next few days.

Sept. 11th+12th Vada/Nova Show
2nd-Training Level Test 1-60.000%
3rd-Training Level Test 2-56.071%
4th-Training Level Test 3-56.800%
5th-Training Level Test 4-50.800%
All were opportunity classes. I got a dismal score in Training Level Test 4. Not having done it before I didn't really realize the finer points of Training 4. The 50% is too low to use for my year end awards and I have to have a Training 4 test, so I have last opportunity to show in November.

Lauren Sprieser adopted me for the weekend. I have to say it's really nice to have a trainer to help you get warmed up and such.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Next Weekend

So next weekend is the Vada/Nova Autumn Show. I'm looking forward to it. I'll be with Lauren Sprieser's barn.

Last night's ride was a pretty quiet one. She was being a super pony. She's slowly getting to be round and move out a bit.

I have a lesson with Patrick on Monday, so hopefully we can work a little bit more on accepting the bit. I'm still a little confused on what to do with her canter. If it's okay how it's going, or what.

Monday, August 30, 2010


So Saturday I took a lesson with Kelly. She worked with me on my position. All the huntery stuff crept back in.

It was a great lesson. It really reminded me of what I needed to work on and how hard it is to get rid of the hunter stuff ingrained in my head. I think also when I get stressed out at shows my muscles just cramp up and give me more issues.

It was overall a great lesson. Position is key! :D If I lean she leans. I just need to improve my heels. :) Use to not be an issue so much.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Williamsburg SVDA Part II

So my times were late during the day. So my friend and I woke up early to feed and clean our stall out. We groomed and pampered the pony.

I get a little nervous on the day of the show. So my friend was trying to keep me from going spastic. A lot of nerve wracking minutes between waking up and getting ready.

My friend Martha Mitchell brought her mare, Waps Serenade and Katie Bott showed her. They had a good ride in Training Level 4. She's such a nice mare.

So after watching them ride I still had an hour and half to wait around. Finally we got the pony ready to warm up.

She was a fire breathing dragon. She really wanted to go out and attack. So we worked in the quiet grass arena. And finally she started to settle and get back into work.

My hunter position really reared its ugly head. I had been doing so well. But I think btw stress, my lower back hurting, and craziness I went into hunter mode.

First test was a little blah. We scored 57.857% in Training Level Test 2. She wasn't really listening to me and she was really hollow backed. She also really wanted to go into the canter.
Submission is her big points. The opinionated Appy does not see a point in submission. So we got to work on that.

Training Level Test 1, was better. We scored 60.87% and tied for second. She did better in this class. For whatever reason she didn't want to listen to me from trot-walk and she ran through my aids. I was like what the? Silly horse. Whatever let's keep it going.

Really enjoyed the venue and the show. It was a good intro show.
Williamsburg Pictures and Video

Monday, August 16, 2010

SVDA Dressage Show Part 1

So the plan was to leave the barn at 10am, pick up my friend and be on our way to Williamsburg and arrive around 12.

Well so much for plans.

After trailer issues (fixed by dad), forgotten saddle pad, and ton of traffic, we didn't make it to the showgrounds until 4:30pm.
I had plan like we were going to a normal showgrounds. So I packed bedding, buckets, etc.
Well the place they have is a farm. They had huge stalls with automatic waterers, bedding, and feed buckets already in the stall. She's never had an automatic waterer, so she didn't really pay any attention to it, so I had to bust out my water buckets. Which I didn't mind anyways, the waterer was rusty. Who's bright idea to use steel for a water bucket wasn't thinking about the rust factor.

After walking her around and letting her stretch her legs. After making sure she was fed and happy, We needed to go feed ourselves.

We checked in and decided to go to Olive Garden. I didn't really realize but it was like a nice little walk away. I got a glass of wine and chicken parm. I figure I never can finish all of my dinner so I had lunch for tomorrow. After eating I went back to the barn to ride.

The two days off made her turn into marezilla. She really was saying I don't like you and I don't like your opinions on me rounding and I don't want to listen!


So we pretty much worked until it was way too dark.

I have to say Hampton Inn & Suites has this dream bed experience and they're right. The beds were fabulous. Best night of sleep I had all week. I think my bed is a touch too soft.

It'll all be fun tomorrow.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I haven't been to an overnight show in a while. It's amazing at how much planning is envolved in horse showing. I have forgotten. My main issue is that I have like 3 areas where I keep my stuff and I haven't been gotten my system down straight yet. I really want this thing:

Burlington Tack Trunk
The english version is like $600 western $700. Since my trailer doesn't have a tack trunk, this may be a good option. But then if may be easier to get a regular tack trunk, so I can load it in my truck bed. Regular tack trunk is long as oppose to long and tall.

There's always something I can't find when I show. Right now it's my stock tie. I have no idea where it ran off too.

I need to clean my tack, boots, prep the trailer, and organize a bit. Part of tomorrow's paycheck will be going to Dover. :)

Last night's ride was wonderful. I have 2 lesson students to teach tonight which for her is just a very light hack. She just jogs as slow as she can and a lot of walking. Friday she'll have a day off and then Saturday we'll work and Sunday game time!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Willy and Moose help navigate the truck.

So Saturday it was time for a lesson. We headed down to Patrick's place. Traffic on Saturdays is awful, but we troop onwards. We get there with 30 minutes to spare and I get her tack and ready to go.

She looks like she's pretty much dead. I think usually around 2pm, she's taking a nap so she's a wee bit tired.

We rode in the indoor since she was a bit spooky last time we'll deal with it again. Of course this time, didn't look at anything. Patrick asks me what I'm going to show in next weekend and I tell him. He asked me if there is anything I really want to work out. I told him one of the judges told me she needs more elasticity.

So we start.

But I stop him, because he's explaining something I really had no clue about. So we stopped and he explain to me what elasticity meant. His wife was riding so I got to see an example of a horse that was elastic.

It seemed pretty easy to understand, but to get her to do it. Not so much. We started working on trying to get her softer and rounder on the bit. Of course being a mare it's a long discussion.

Patrick really made me understand that sometimes you need to ride the individual. What works for one horse may not work for another. We also had to make her feel uncomfortable in the bit, and when she gave to the bit and became rounder, she would be more comfortable. All it was was about bit positioning.

She fights and fights and fights, but when she get round, she wants to go slow. So it's just a slow process of when teaching her it's okay to move out when she gets round.

Patience. *x*

She's a good girl. One thing I can totally notice improving is her canter. I think her canter is her highlight and it's easier for her. So now she really wants to break into the canter when things get tough.

In today's ride, she didn't want to halt. So we'll have to work on that.

And yes I happen to be riding on the wrong diagonal in both pics. Slaps myself. I usually don't have that issue, but I think I was trying to work so hard at what Patrick was saying I totally forgot my diagonals. :P No excuse, but eh.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meet Willy

She's not to sure of this strange pink thing.

So like my previous post stated I went to a nerdfest over the weekend.
I saw this blue squid thing and I wanted it. When I got back to the stand it was gone. His pink brother was there. But I pondered. After sharking for another day I bought him. He was at the booth Panduhmonium. I'm not sure if that's the artist who actually made him. Sometimes artists split tables and I didn't spot him on the website.

Meet Willy.

Why did I name a pink squid looking thing Willy. Well he seem male despite his pink trappings and it rhymed with Lilly.

Yes I know us horse people tend to be mentally insane. All those falls have probably rattled key parts in the brain, but whatever.

Willy will be our traveling companion as long as Lilly doesn't mistake him for a treat. She already has tried to eat him. He'll come with us to the first big show in Williamsburg.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Break From Reality

If you're one of my friends in real life you know horses are my passion. If I'm not at a horse show I'm riding. If I'm not riding, I'm probably either sleeping or at work.

But once and awhile it's good to take a break. My good friends go to an convention called Otakon. Otakon is technically an anime convention, but it also highlights Japanese culture, fashion, other types of Asian cinema and music. They take over the inner harbor of Baltimore, Maryland for 3 days of nerdiness.

From left to right: Matt, Shawn, Sam, and a fellow cosplayer.

I am a nerd. I'll admit it. I'm not an anime nerd tho. My preference is Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, kaiju/sentai types of film. The last being films like Godzilla and Ultraman. I'm a huge Ultraman/Godzilla nerd.

The act of dressing up is called cosplaying. I have dressed up in years past, but this year with me gathering up new dressage stuff and loosing weight I didn't. We plan on attending Dragon*Con next year so I'll be planning a few costumes then.

But I'm just going to share a few favorite pics of the weekend.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Plunge

So I sent off my entry for the SVDA Summer Show in Williamsburg, VA.
It's my first recognized dressage show.

I entered two classes Training Level 1 and Training Level 2, both opportunity classes. I haven't renewed my membership with USEF. One of my earlier goals was to get qualified for the USDF All Breeds Award, but I'd have to compete in at least 4 shows. But with it being so late in the season I'm going to forgo that goal.

My best friend is coming with me to be my groom. :) My family may also come to the show.

I wanted to get a new jacket and such, but I've decided to not get one right now. I've been eating better and working out so I've been getting slimmer. So I'm going to wait until later to get a new jacket.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Yesterday I attended the Catherine Haddad clinic as an auditor. I traveled to Patrick & Lani Tigchelaar's stable in Hanover, Va.

We left bright and early, because the clinic started at 6:00am.
She's an amazing clinican. She's an American rider, but her stable is in Germany. She really has a clear way of explaining things and really has a good eye.
I really wish I could have rode with her. She's amazing.

When I got to the barn that night. I decided to ride without my stirrups again. She was being spooky so I warmed her up until she stop being a pain in the ass.
After she settled down I took away my stirrups and rode both directions again for about 20 minutes. My seat is improving. So I'm please with that. I won't have a lesson for another week, which will be good, because I need some sort of guidance or plan. I wish I could take more lessons so I can stay consistent.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Modest Modest Me

So I'm not sure if it's my Asian upbrining or what. But I'm not big on compliments. They tend to make me uncomfortable sometimes. The biggest one that I hated growing up as a kid is when I would go to the dentist and here "You're teeth are beautiful. Have you had braces." "No," I say. "REALLY!!! Amazing!!!"
I hate that. I don't know what to say to stuff like that. I'll be sure to tell my parents that their chromosomes contributed to a damn good set of teeth.

Growing up I was never a god awful rider. I'm no Beezie Madden, but I learned to ride like a hunt seat equitation princess. When I showed as a teen I won Championships at the local shows. But to me it's all the horse.

My hard work is what I put into the horse. If we win, it's the horse that did the good job. I'm just the tool. When someone says good test or course or whatever I take more pride that my horse does well. Not myself.

Last night I was talking to my friend. She was telling me that I've improved so much in the past year. I'm like my horse is gotten better, she was like NO! Your riding has improved and she has too in her own ways. She told me I use to ride like a hunter princess and now I'm riding like a dressage princess.

I do feel great tho. I'm losing weight and I feel healthier and I feel like I'm a better rider now than ever before. :) So I'll have a moment of immodesty I'm awesome. haha. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Look Ma No Stirrups

I've been watching a lot of Catherine Haddad videos on I have to say that website rocks my socks! I really like her training style and how she explains things. But because I've been sick and the weather unagreable I haven't been in the saddle.

So last night I got back into work. I worked on a few things that I worked with Patrick on. Then I took a little of what I watched from Catherine's videos and applied it. Our canter departs were rocking!

I was making Lilly move very forward and one thing Catherine repeats is that if they're something that bothers them don't mess with it. Don't let it bother you. She was being crazy in one corner. Another thing she said was you have to go with a young horse. I mean I always have known that. You don't want to tense up when they're going crazy. You have a tendency to just bounce right off if you're tense as a rock.

I said crazy I mean she was bucking bronco crazy. I sat up and put my a_s in the saddle and rode it like a champ. lol. Then I put both legs on her and made her hand gallop. Then we went back like nothing happen.
My friend was commented on her big stride. She was concentrating on her own horse she didn't see the National Bucking Championship in the corner only the big canter. :P

After I finished working on her I worked on myself. I put up my stirrups and rode without. I was feeling brave, and asked for a canter.
Canter departures were rocking and I wasn't tense and I rode it.

I'm very proud of myself. 8 months ago 1. I wouldn't have trusted her. 2. I'd be so tense that I would have fallen off.

So I'm pretty happy with myself and her. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sick and Blah

I've been fighting a cold, an upper respiratory infection to be exact. So I rode very minimal. It really saps your energy level.
Last night was a perfect night to ride, it wasn't humid, just right. But I wasn't feeling good still. *x*

So instead I read a book and let Lilly graze for about 40 minutes. The Anna Buffet was open to all the local mosquitoes.

I totally forgot I had turned on the water for the trough, so my friend's mare was snorting at the trough. Then I was like OH SNAP! So I ran over turned it off. And she just looked at me like dumb human. haha.

I don't feel very good still, but the barn makes everything better. So I'll hack a little tonight or just ride around bareback.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Patrick Tigchelaar Lesson

So on recommendation from my friend Nadege, Danica and I went to Doswell, VA to take a lesson from Patrick Tigchelaar.


He asked me a little about myself and her. I told him the speel: I'm from a hunter/jumper background so I worry about my position; she get's a little fussy about accepting contact and judges always say she needs to develop her topline more.

So he watches us ride for a few minutes before diving into the lesson.

He had us work on getting her to step more underneath herself. So we did half pass (I believe walking side ways type stuff) against the wall. He praised her for being very smart and learning it quickly.

He really had a very easy way of explaining things. He kept on telling me don't do all the work. When you apply the leg she must listen. Which from my hunter background it's opposite we're very proud of our very strong lower leg. Probably why I see some dressage folks lower legs all swingy and I cringe.

Also really started to understand the concept of lightness in the reins, but for whatever reason it clicked with him.

But I began to understand what he's talking about. He really had me move her very forward and do circles making them small and then making them bigger. She really began to respond.
Then we worked on the canter. I told him she has a big canter but I just don't know what to do with it. He said once she's getting better we'll start to do fun stuff, basics first. :P
He really did like her, he said she has a good walk/trot/canter.

We're scheduled to go back August 7th. Danica enjoyed her lesson as well.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cedar Run Show

So it was miserably humid on Saturday. So I had a plan. I'd warm up for about 20 minutes and then take a breather and do my first test.

So it's time. I was up for Training Level test 2. All in all I was happy with her test. Our canter was our weakest issue with our departures being the main problem. We got 5s on the transition into the first canter, and what was my fault I asked her for the downward transition to early. I'm used to doing training test 1 first.

Judge said very well matched and capable pair. yay! :)

We scored 63.21% and got 3rd. Besides the technical aspect I was very proud of her. She wasn't as fussy as she use to be in the area and she wasn't spooky or letting things bother her.

We took a break. I offered her water but she wasn't interested. I sat in the AC for a bit to cool myself down and drank plenty of fluids.

Now for Training Level Test 3. Now with the issue of canter departures I wasn't feeling real confident. It's something that we'll have to continue to work on. And since I haven't had a lesson in about a month I haven't had eyes picking at me.

We ran into the first canter. And the second canter she really didn't like the soccer match in the distance so she ran out and then our circle became a oblong funky thing. So she slammed us on that.

In my head I scored us on a 56% I thought it wasn't good. But we scored 61.60% and placed third. Her walk is always what she scores well on. Otherwise we generally scored 6's besides that one canter transition.

We need to develop rounder topline with more consistent activity and more suppleness.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Failed First Flight

So last night I went to the barn early at 6:00pm. I was going to do barn stuff and then go to Borders to work on a new short story. So I'm cleaning my stall and then I moved to the water bucket. I see this ugly black thing and I'm like omg she pooped in her waterbucket. Then I peered closer and ewe it's a dead bird.

I then noticed that there were air bubbles. So I immediately whisk the bucket and bird outside. I scooped the little guy out and he was very grateful. I walked inside the office to talk to the barn treasurer and apparently the little guy was a big fan of AC. He was totally chilling in my hand. But I worried that he might get a chill in the cold air.

I called my friends and one told me about a wildlife rescue hotline. So I went to the closest vet and she gave me the number. I call it and the lady calls me back 40 minutes later. She said to put him back and his parents will come back for him.

I let Lilly inspect him, but she thought I had a treat and was about to munch on him. *x*
He just has to survive the barn cats. I'm not sure if he'll make it. But it's up to Mother Nature.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trying to Avoid the Lighting Strikes

Last night I got on. I heard the storm in the distance and figured I had at least twenty minutes.

Mr. Storm said nope. As soon as I was happy with her walk, and asked her for a trot. I saw flashing. Yup good ole lighting. So as soon as I could I hopped off and ran to the barn. Something spooked Lilly I think it was the groundhog not the thunder.

I untacked her and fed her her dinner and noticed the huge monsoon that rolled in. It came down hard for about 25 minutes. I did a little mucking and I scratched all of Lilly's favorite spots. I'm usually never in her stall during a thunderstorm, but she was totally chill. Rain's all going crazy and she was chill. I guess all that bombing the Marines do, it's just another day in the neighborhood.

After the storm finished and the sky cleared up again. I tacked her up again and rode. She has a habit of really clenching her jaw and it really hurts my shoulder. I'm used to holding the reins between my ring and pinky fingers. But I held it with my fist. When she pulls hard it's easier on my shoulder.

It's been the continuation of trying to get her softer on the bit and to accept it. I'm glad to say that our fights generally are lessening in time. (Instead of 45 minutes now 30, haha).

Last ride her canter departures were awesome, but either due to footing or maybe she was tired, they were a little sketch. But I got a few good departures and she was a rock star. She was on the bit, she was moving forward a good way to end the night.

My show in Saturday. Riding at 9:26 and 10:06. Thank goodness for morning rides, let's hope I get to beat the heat.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Turning up the Heat

Extreme Winter Extreme Summer.
The heat has been icky.
For the weekends I'm trying to get to the barn and ride at like 6:00am. I can do it, just going to take some restructuring of my morning. I won't get to sleep in, but oh well that's what mid-day naps are for.

During the week I think I'll feed the ponies at 5:30pm when I get back from work and then go back out at 8:00 to take care of chores and then ride.

I lunged Lilly on Saturday. It was suppose to be just a simple lunge. 10 minutes one direction switch and then 10 minutes the other way.

Lilly has a lot of race-lineage. So I joke and say the TB has engaged in her head. She seems to tilt her head and her eyes get a little crazy and she just RUNS! She would not stop running. She also bucked and tripped again. ::augh:: So after like 10 minutes of running, she finally settled down and I could work with her sanely.

I had to cool her out another 45 minutes. I didn't get home until 10:00pm. So much for cooking out with dad.

That day was a bad calorie day too. I think I got like 200 calories that day. Had planned on eating dinner, but when I got home I passed out. *x*

Show on Saturday...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Side Saddle Experience

So yesterday I went to my first side saddle lesson. After sitting in traffic for nearly 1 and half I was at Fox Whisper Farm owned by Davera Ackenbom. She was super nice and I rode a mare named Kita (I believe).

She went over tacking up and a little of history. She's a ton of knowledge on side saddle. Then I got on! She gave me a leg up and I hit the poor mare in the hip. Not very lady like. :P But I was on. Then she showed me where to put my legs.

I think the toughest thing was I'm use to putting my heel down but it's opposite in side saddle you have to keep your heel up.

She didn't let me ride with the curb, just the snaffle until I get my seat better.

So after all the adjustments she had me walk. It was totally different, but completely awesome. I was smiling like crazy throughout the lesson.

During my lesson she taught me how to walk and how to trot. We also went into the side saddle post. Which was totally awkward. But I managed it. She said I'm a natural. :D She'll have me walk-trot-cantering and jumping in no time. I'm like ahhhh.... jumping.... ?!?!

Holding the reins was different. I need to hold them a bit to the side. She told me I'm going to be sore. I was. I still am. Especially my left side near my waist and hip. My legs last night were sore. When Cherie and I got out of my car to Chipotle my muscles weren't happy with me.

I'm definitely going to call her and schedule another lesson in the near future. It's kind of addicting.

Cherie got a video clip that I'll post later. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Budi Tulodo Clinic

I just realized I never posted pics of the Budi Tulodo clinic. Budi's Lilly's farrier and he also helped me train her when she was 4yo and 5yo. Budi's like Lilly's uncle. haha. I told Budi if I ever breed her and get a "jumper" baby he could "have" him or her.

This week was my birthday week. I am 26 years old. I have a few grey hairs popping out, but otherwise I feel great. I've lost some weight since December. My awesome tall boots no longer fit so I'll have to go to Dover and have them redone. *x*

I didn't get a chance to really ride that much this week. Been running around like crazy.

I rode Monday just to see how Lilly was doing under saddle. She rocked. No lame steps and it seem like we picked up where we left off 2 weeks ago.

I also had a chance to hop on today before we got an angry storm. My lesson kid unfortunately couldn't ride, the storm started as soon as she hopped on.

I usually get a birthday present to myself, but I missed out on a sale at equestrian collections, so darn. They were Ariat full seat for only $23 bucks! But next paycheck I will be getting new breeches. I need show breeches.

I have entered the Cedar Run show on June 26th. It was that or Vada/Nova, but Cedar Run is closer.

I've been working with Kelly but I think I need a Budi workout next time around. Budi's a great trainer and a great friend. We'll see.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Today's the Day

Barring any random wierd weather I will get back on Lilly tonight. Her still looks ugly, but she's sound. She's back to her regular grouchy mareself. So all signs look good.

Excited. Can't wait to have my mare back.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A little bit of this a little of that.

So a few weeks ago I bought a pair of Dressage Sports boot at a yard sale for $5. They are in good shape. Since she's been out of comission I kept them at my house. Well last night I decided I was going lunged her and put them on her. They fit! She looked snazzy. Of course if I were to get the hind pair I'd have to shell out $65. *x*

I lunged Lilly last night. She was dead the first direction. Then I switched directions and asked her for a canter and she went YEEEHAWW! She was bucking, then she mislanded and tripped and fell. Of course my heart went into my throat. Then I yelled at her "I don't need another vet bill!" Then from that point forward her bucking was a little more tame.

The swelling in her hock seems to have gone down. There is a touch of heat, but it's just near the cut. But it's been getting better not worse. No more puss. yay.

So she'll get a day off today, because I'm busy, but hopefully tomorrow evening I'll lunge her and hack her for a few minutes.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


An infection has set in Lilly's wound. I called the vet's office and told them. I picked up SMZs this morning and I bought a pill crusher.

A few years ago when I had Platinum, I had to put him on SMZs. These SMZs are a lot smaller. Thank god, crushing those suckers up was ridiclous. Plus Platinum didn't want to touch his grain. For the first few days I tricked him, by adding apple sauce. But he was a smart one. He refused apple sauce for the rest of the time I had him. I had to mix it up and shoot it up like a wormer.

Lilly has no qualms about eating the meds. I did add water to it. But other than that I came back to an empty feed bowl.

I turned her out. She's in a separated paddock right now. So hopefully swelling will go down again. Her hock has gotten big again since the infection started and I had been keeping her in until I got the meds and as well as the iso paddock was clear.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My First Love

On May 26th a grey colt was born in Virginia. His sire was Imcaro a son of the Irish bred French champion Caro. His mother was Fancy Century by Accordingly. His breeder named him Caro's Cents. I think they called him "Centy". I hated this nickname so I called him Platinum. My friend Greg showed him as Platinum N Records. I liked Platinum, but I showed him as "Going Platinum."
One famous relative of note was Giant's Causeway. His sire's dam is Giant's Causeway's 3rd dam. So very distant relative.

He would go on to race for his breeder and owner 55 times in 5 years. He would win 2 races (4 shows and 4 places as well) and earn $10k on the track. Horse of the Year title was out of his grasps.

When I first laid my eyes on Platinum I hated him. This young event trainer who would become my friend didn't want him turned out and risk injury. So what I saw was an ugly Roman nosed crazy thing.

A year later when my mother said I could get a horse, Carla mentioned he was for sale. Greg's wife at the time hated horses and wanted him to get out of the business. With a new infant he relented. I didn't really want to see him at first, cause I had the memory in my head, but I went anyways.

It's amazing what turnout can do to a horse. He was laid back and relaxed and such a good boy. I took a few lessons on him and a short lease and vet check later he was mine.

He was the perfect first horse for me. He challenged me help take me from being a passenger to being a rider. Platinum was a good horse to learn how to jump on. He never refused a fence ever. Rush them, yes, but refuse them never. The rushing was a short period and we got over that.

We did hunter/jumper, pleasure, equitation, dressage, and even some western speed stuff. He was good with me, and kids. Screaming kids everywhere in our barn and he'd just chill in his stall.

The barn owner was a very anti-TB type of person. But she said he's okay by her. He was fleebitten so he's close to be an Appaloosa.

His favorite treats were gingersnaps and McDonald's apple pies. He'd get angry if I didn't get the apple pies out quick enough.

I could go on with stories upon stories. I think I'll share a few here and there. But I loved this horse. He was my boy. When I would get frustrated and mad at him, I'd drop my reins and walk back to the barn. He'd always give me these looks like "are you still mad?" Me: "don't give me those eyes." He'd look away sad. Then he'd look at me again. Finally I give him a kiss and he would be so happy again.

I sold him to a young girl. It was a tough decision, but she emailed me a few years ago to tell me he died. She seem to have similiar stories.
He ended up dying of a diaphragmatic hernia. What bothers me is that for months before he died I had a nagging feeling. A little voice in my head kept on telling me I should go visit Platinum. I needed to go. But I never did. :(

Happy Birthday baby.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trip to the Vet

So yesterday I journeyed to Piedmont Vet Clinic in Marshall, Va. I recommend them highly. My trainer told me about them, and even tho I'm out of their travel range, I don't mind the trip. Dr. Davis is awesome and their facility is impecceble.

They are next to a livestock auction facility and Lilly wasn't digging the sound of cattle. Plus when the vet came to see her, she was like now it's time to go. He checked her over and he told me that it's just swelling and it looks fine. I just have her on meds and I need to sweat her leg.

So I had to remember where I put my pillow wraps. I knew where my standing bandages where, but I found them. Then we were ready to rock.

Lilly is being a champ. She's not very pleased with all this extra attention, but she lets me cold hose her and do what I need to do. I've been sitting in the chair trying to tan my legs and cold hose her at the same time. No tan yet. :(

He told me she needs to be out for half the day and of course in when I sweat her legs. So we'll see how she is in three days. If the swelling isn't gone, then vet check #3 is in order.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


So the vet checked over Lilly on Friday. I'm in between vets. I don't like the two vets that are normally at my barn.
I'd prefer to use Piedmont Equine Vet, but since I was out of town, I used my friend's vet so my other friend didn't have to hook up her trailer and take her to mine.

(I'm like 5 miles out of my preferred vet's traveling range. drat.)

Well the vet checked her, didn't feel anything's broken, but to keep her on bute and let her out, so she can move around to keep the swelling down.

I come back into town last night. I went out to the barn and her hock has totally swollen up.

Then I look again, and her leg has started to swell too. Mid-way down her leg. *x*

So tomorrow I'm taking her to Piedmont Equine Vet. I figured they can x-ray her at their facility and determine what's wrong.

My friend who owns the mare is stressed out, because she feels guilty. I don't blame her, horses can be horses.
I just want my girl to be healthy again.

Friday, May 21, 2010


So yesterday at Safety Day(which I'll blog about later) Lilly got kicked my the other mare. It seemed fine but when I went by later it had swollen up.
The two little girls that ride on Thursday were bummed, but they were super helpers. I let one soap her side down, while the other cold hosed. They switched jobs and got her other side.

The vet comes out today. Of course I have to leave town. So my friend is going to hold her for the vet. :( Hopefully nothing serious is wrong.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Next Purchase on Horizon

I have to go shopping for a new show jacket. I was just reading about all the exciting new rule changes, but I think I'm going to stick with the basic black jacket. Maybe black and white pinstripes, because I've always been fond of pinstripes. But we'll see. :)

Any suggestions?

Better Shape

I've been taking lessons with Kelly Weatherhead and Nadege this lady at the barn. It's been great to go back and forth between the two. It's good having two different styles, that have one goal: creating a rounder horse.

Lilly is very hard mouthed and I think all the years of hunt seat and ApHC-styled training has created a horse that doesn't like contact.

She's been popping up a lot. Both Kelly and Nadege have said it's because we're asking her to use herself more and she's protesting.

Nadege really worked with me at the canter, because I have a habit of giving up my reins to her and losing the roundness.

My friend Candice and her daughter watched our lesson half-way into it. We were talking about getting them rounder can be a lot of hard work. I told them I think my working out out has improved my riding in the aspect that since she's so strong and hard on the bit, my strength and endurance has helped me.

Another good thing about this ride is that my shoulder was awesome. I wasn't in any pain and I felt great. Nadege really yelled at me to post like a dressage rider not like a hunter with my hips leading not my shoulders. Really felt my abs working when I did that. woohoo!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So my mother has been going to the acupuncturist for many years now. She always seems to get pain relief and so she took me to her doctor yesterday. I figured for $40, why not. Getting stabbed with needles is always fun (I'm being sarcastic).

So we go and I have no idea what to expect. The doctor is Korean so he had her in the office and they were talking. He knows english, but I guess it was easier for him to have my mother translate. So we talked about my pain in my shoulder. I pretty much got a massage and he found where I was hurting, if he couldn't guess by me visibily flinching when he pressed down on my shoulder point.

In my mind I thought he was already putting needles in me, because I'd feel him put something wet and it sort of smelled like alcohol. But my mom said no. He hadn't. He left and my mother and I chatted for a bit and he came back.

I have no idea how acupuncture works, but I honestly can say I feel 85% better. I'll see how I feel in the saddle, but going to bed last night I wasn't in any pain.

Forgot to mention I felt nothing when eh stuck the needles in my back. The only time I felt something is when I accidentally bumped into one of the needles. But putting them in and taking them out didn't hurt. I was shocked.

So tonight I may have a lesson with Nadege.

My mother just informed me of two things that I have to do this year, so my show schedule is changing again. *x* Oh well.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Updated Show Schedule

So here's my new show schedule. I'm trying to get on the list for USDF All Breed Awards for ApSHA. So we'll see:

7/10/10-QRC Dressage Show
8/15/10-SVDA Williamsburg show
(Mini-vacation too. Going to check out the city Saturday and show on Sunday)
8/21/10-QRC Dressage Show
8/22/10-Dressage at Foxcroft
9/4/2010: VADA-CH Dressage Twin I
9/5/2010: VADA-CH Dressage Twin II
9/11+12/2010-VADA/NOVA Autumn I Show
9/30/2010-ApSHA IBC at Dressage at Devon

I've cut out a lot of the smaller Vada/Nova shows, because even if I qualify to the championship show I can't attend. We're planning on going to the Breeders' Cup that weekend.

pain in the

shoulder. I've had issues with my right shoulder for a long time. Lilly dumped me twice when she was 4 or 5 and I landed on my right shoulder both times.
So being an invincibile lady in her early 20s I didn't really think much of it. Just got up got back on and keep trucking.
Well the thing about getting older is that things start to creek, and getting out of whack. I'm on a monthly plan with a local massage place Massage Envy. So I go in and Tracey makes everything feel better until my next ride.

Lilly's worse side is her right. So when I ask her to bend to the right, she resists and having a ton of animal yank at your bad shoulder can be really painful. Last night I really had to just grit and bear the pain, because we were reaching the moment where she was going to give in and bend. So finally when she bended correctly I praised her and almost cried. It hurt so much.

My new friend at the barn is a massage therapist and lives near me as well, she said when she gets her table that I can come over. She said by just looking at how I was standing is that I'm compsenating for the pain by hunching my shoulder and sticking out my jaw.

More issues. great.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So I'm a super planner. But I haven't really set goals this year. So I'm going to set a few new ones and real examine some of my old ones.

1. Lose Weight
When I went to the doctors 8 weeks ago I was 189. Last week I weighed in at 182.
Goal-170 (or size 8, whichever comes first)
Prize to myself: FITS Breeches, I'm super motivated, I <3 these breeches.

2. Show in a Licensed Show
I was shooting for the June 6th show at Morven Park. But financially I'm not ready. I have way too many bills right now. And I still have to get a lot of stuff.

3. Get Lilly in Bronze Studbook with ApSHA.
I need to compete in 2 recognized classes under different judges at Training Level or higher with a score of at least 60%.

4. Get a new job
I'm on usajobs like every other week. Need to hop back on there.

5. Start schooling in First Level by end of the year.

back to normal

So I rode last night. Just a light hack. Lilly was back to her normal self.

So I'm going to just put Saturday's behavior in the unusual behavior box. I think I may have been super frazzled and she sensed it. So we'll see.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

that's not right

So yesterday we had our schooling show at our barn. I pretty much run things, but since I have a great group of volunteers, I get to ride. So I left the show running in capable hands while getting my mare ready. I hopped on, and Lilly felt like a coil. Super super tense. I just trotted her and she seem to settle down, I asked for a canter, she picked up her lead but was really tight and felt odd.

So my ride time came up and I went in. We start the test. Then our first 20 meter circle came up, and explosion! She exploded into the canter and I yelled at her. Then we stopped. I took a couple of deep breaths and then I proceeded back to the trot. I was a little confused at where I was in the test, and the judge ringed the bell. Aviva Nebesky was the judge so she told me where I was suppose to be and I started over.
The rest of the test was not as crazy, but my mare wasn't being herself.
She wasn't nervous, because I know how she gets when she's nervous.
I finally finish my test and Aviva was like this is not the horse I remember seeing.
I told her this isn't my normal horse. I don't know what's going on with her today.
We talked for like 5 minutes. About saddling issues, maybe she's in heat, etc etc. She told me she doesn't look off, but she's just very tense. I told her she's been working hard lately.

Aviva recommended me to give her about 3 days off and then have my equine massage come out and work with her. Then to have someone who normally works with me to watch us ride again and see if she's still ouchy. She could just be sore from the increase amount of work lately.

I'm like augh. If she's not happy I'm not happy. I don't want to have my mare hurting. I never understood those folks who would show their horses knowing that they're lame. I told her I'm scratching from training 2. I rode her at the trot a little more in the warm up arena. So I don't know if the saddle maybe shifting wierd during the canter, or if maybe since I'm sitting more deeper in the saddle, her back hasn't strengthen enough to handle it yet. we'll see.

Friday, April 30, 2010

so it's official

I'm going pro.

I've been mulling it over for a while lately. But I like to teach. I'm not going to be teaching dressage, but I'm going to teach basics to western and english riders. I'm not that much of a snob that I can't tell someone that they've learned enough that they need a more advanced teacher.

I guess turning pro I can branch out and do some other stuff. I really can't train horses at our facility, it'd be too complicated with their rules and such. I wish I could get a project train it and then sell it, but with my schedule I wouldn't be consistent.

I guess I could find horses for people. There's so many different levels of pro. I know if I competed against some of the pros I'd get my rear handed to me, but I like the kids. I like the two little girls that ride Lilly every Tuesday. They're so cute. They drew me a picture of Lilly and I need to post it on the blog.

2 1/2 hours later...

So yesterday the little girls that ride Lilly couldn't come out. Which worked out for me, because all the gals who are showing Saturday were going to get together and school.

So I did my chores and then got out Lilly and started to groom. Of course there were like little things that I had to do, make sure the treasurer cut a check for the judge, keep going back to 2 different places where my equipment is strewn about. I need to get a tack trunk to keep my stuff organized in. But that'll be later.

So I finally get on and school a little in the smaller arena. Then me and Cherie went over to the arena that has the dressage ring set up. I helped Cherie with her test a bit.
Then I did my test.

My position in the saddle is blah. It's not the new saddle's fault, it's mine and my fault only. Sometimes not having a pair of eyes to watch you you creep back into your old hunter habits.
So Lilly was being a pain, she wanted to spook in a corner and buck. But I really said no ma'am.

Then Nadege came over and saw me. I like my instructor Kelly's teaching style, but Nadege's style is a little different. She yells (in a nice way) more. More demanding.
Nadege says I drop my shoulders when I ask for the canter and give to her. I need to keep my shoulders up and back and not fall on her forehand. So she worked me another 45 minutes, after I already been riding an hour.

Then I read her her test so she could have a quick run-through.

Then we talked more and then she wanted me to get on Monty, her 17.2h Hanoverian. He's a big boy. She worked me again another 30 minutes.
I wouldn't call Monty a schoolmaster, but I think riding a horse more experienced helped me a little. You really have to ask him right to do it, and when you do he responds to you.
God is he big boy. Fun.

I'm going to ride more with Nadege. Having eyes to watch my position to be more consistent will be great. Too bad she's leaving in June. :(

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And the winner is...

Wintec Pro. The HDR Pro didn't fit. Their regular is a little wierd. IF I meet a horse that it fits it must be a stick horse.

I was in CVS and my dad called. My shoulder is uber jacked up, so I went to see my friend who was a nurse practictioner. She told me she can't give me any of the fun meds. Plus she thinks its my muscles are just really tight, because she didn't think it was anything else wrong, since I had full range of motion.

So I rush home and open the box. I have to say the new Wintecs are pretty snazzy. There was this strap that I just couldn't figure out. So finally I go to the other side and realize the other end has buckles. I guess it's to keep the flaps down. I have no clue I'll read it later.

So it fits Lilly. It has good clearance and she moved so well last tonight. She was being a little bit of a shit so I had to find a dressage whip. Mine is MIA of course.
The only thing that she was really doing that was irking me was she was being so hard jawed. She really didn't want to bend at the trot. Finally towards the end she started softening up, but good grief she was being such a mare.
The Wintec Pro kept me in during 1 spook and a few half-hearted buck attempts. She was feeling good, the weather is nice and sunny but COLD!

All in all I do like the Wintec Pro. I think I'd rather have a little more foward flaps, but I'm just not used to riding with very long stirrup leathers. But I'll get use to it eventually.
The sadddle came with a girth, stirrup leathers, and stirrups. So pretty excited about that.

I've also decided to just concentrate on Training 1 and 2 since I'm going to do the licensed show in June. So I'll just stay consistent.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Time to get serious

So this winter I've been doing the intro tests. Only due to the fact this winter has been horrid and really did it so I could get some show time.

But now she's strengthening up and getting stronger. I love how she looks right now. She's nice and round and looks fabolous. Well now she's a bit red clay shade, but other than that she's rocking.

I kind of want to jump into Training 3 & 4, but I think mentally I need to work on me a little more. I tend to get a bit nervous lately and not trust her. So our barn is hosting a small schooling show, so I've decided to do Training 2 and if she schools well next week do 3, if she's being a butt I'll stick with 1.

Hopefully my saddles will be in. I sat in the Wintec Pro at a local tack shop and I have to say I'm happy with it. I'm glad I didn't get the contourblocks because I really wasn't digging it. They weren't that big, but I can see how they would maybe annoy me.
The only thing that annoys me is that I heard the Wintecs run big. The 17.5 was actually a good size for me. So hopefully a half and inch won't be totally crazy big.
I also sat in an HDR Rivella which isn't the model I got but similar. It was good, but it puts me more in a chair seat.

Nadge said she's going to let me borrow her saddle, but for now western saddle.
Lesson tomorrow hopefully the rain will hold out.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Saddle Time

So I ordered two different saddles. One is a Wintec pro the other a HDR Pro. Let's see which one I like better in a few days.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Morven Park Championship Show

So this past weekend Morven Park hosted its winter series championship show. I qualified for it. I got Lilly all nice and pretty, her blanket was sparkling white and she was very shiny. Thank you Microtek.

We got at the show at 9:00am, thinking that's enough time. But by the time I ran up to get my number and ran back that was like 15 minutes, because the show office isn't really close. Thank god my friend Leann went with me. So she tacked up Lilly. I got changed and hoped on. I had like 10 minutes to warm up.

She was spooky. The wind was howling and slamming against the indoor, so she was being a spaz. So I was unnerved because I was feeling rushed and hectic. So our warm up wasn't good.

We showed and it was just blah. We scored 55.5%. Which was fair, it wasn't a horrid test, but it wasn't good either.

So I went back into the warm up arena and we schooled. I practice leg yielding and did circles. We relaxed and were better prepared for our championship class.

We did a very accurate test. We were a little late in one transition, but we did good. I was a little off my final centerline.
The judge said on the score sheet that since her neck is set lower that I shouldn't keep my hands too high and to work on the developing a rounder connection. She said I need more impulsion.
First time I've shown under an "r" judge. So it was a great learning experience.

There was a guy riding and he got so close to us. I wanted to say dude, got a young spooking horse, but then I figure she'd just have to deal with it and it's good for her, because those warm up arenas can be hectic.

We got 65.5 in our 2nd test and Championship for the class. We got a Wegman's tote bag, some organic horse treats, chocolate, organic shampoo and bran mash. Very exciting. Now on to Training Level. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Budi Workout

My friend Budi donated a clinic for our club. I rode Lilly as the first ride of the day. Budi always does a mini-training ride on all his lesson students. He likes to feel the horse and pretty much warms them up for you so he can understand your horse better. After the warm up he gives you your horse back.

My friend Nadge let me ride in her saddle. Oh my god it was heaven for my butt. It put me in a great position and whew Lilly was flowing and grooving under saddle.
She got her saddle in Germany so I've never heard of it before.

Budi gets excited when he teaches, so I told the new people that if you want a break you'll have to ask. Budi will keep on teaching until you pass out. lol.

Lilly was funny, because I didn't feed her breakfast since we had the early ride. So she was grumpy when I hooked her up to the tack post. Then Budi gets on her and he wore spurs. He poked her once and her face scrunched up like dude what's your issue. Don't poke me! He told me I need to add spurs to help refine my aid.

We worked on leg yields and shortening and lengthening her stride. He wants to see her get stronger in the canter. He was impressed on how much she's changed for the better. I think he's always liked Lilly. I joked that I'd breed her to Popeye K and give him the baby to train, and he was like okay! haha. But Popeye K's stud fee is 2,6k, and I can't afford embryo transfer. :P

But had tons of fun. Pretty happy with the pony.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring time Fun

So the Lillers is feeling better. I really had no energy to ride, plus I had some chores I had to take care off, so I ended up grooming her a bit, lunging her, then feeding and leaving.

Someone just drag the arena, so we the whole arena to play in. She's such a good girl. I think she's happy to be back to work.

My friend is having Patrick Tigchelaar ( to the barn tomorrow. I'm leaving work to watch her lesson, then go to the Cherry Blossom festival and watch me some Caps action with my father. My Friday is jam packed.

Budi clinic is on Saturday and I plan to ride the Lillers. Then I'm going to be a ring stewart for the Vada/Nova spring licensed show. yay!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Break time

Lilly has had about a week break. She was feeling stiff the last time I rode her. So opted to give her a break. By the weekend still stiff. I think running from her paddock mate she torqued herself. He tends to go after her, no biting just rushes her and she runs away. I lunged her on Sat evening, still stiff. Sunday I was going to get some joint supplement, but it being Easter all the places were closed.

I gave her a real good liniment bath and massaged her real good. Monday I just watched her she seemed a little better. Yesterday I lunged her and she seemed much better. She was bucking and actually trotting forward instead of only wanting to jog. I got some joint supplement. I think I got Vita Flex or something. I'll probably use that until its empty and go to SmartPak and order some.

So I'm going to ride tonight and see how she feels again.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Saturday comes around and I head out the barn. The tempature has dropped equalling a very frisky Appy mare. I lead her into the roundpen and she spazzed out. She realized I was still connected on the opposite end and she paused. I unleashed the spotted wonder pony.

She ran and ran and bucked and nickered. I left her and went to do my chores.

My instructor was a little late, due to traffic. So we started and this lesson she wanted to work on my position. She's trying to turn me into a dressage rider. It was a really good lesson. I still want to extend my arms like hunter, but I really did a good job. The pony was stellar as well.

So just maybe I'll be a dressage rider yet.

I just got Lilly horse insurance. Switched to Agri-Risk. She was without insurance for a few months, the other company jacked up their rates, and I said bye bye.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Enduring Torture

So I'm getting into shape. Since October or November I put on maybe 10 or 15lbs. Not sure. I do know that I went from a 10 to 14. Not a good feeling since I worked so hard to get to the 10 and then it all crept up again.

So I really looked at my choice of foods. I really let myself eat very unhealthy foods. I really cleaned up my plate. I'm eating a healthy breakfast a good lunch, and I try and eat dinner. I really have a bad habit of either gorging at dinner or not eating anything. I just don't crave foods at dinnertime. It's wierd.

I've also started working out. I added pilates during the blizzards. I'm walking/jogging on the treadmill. So far I can run 6 minutes straight. Start building up.
Then I added some excercises from Those are intense.

Horse wise, I want to get that pilates book for equestrian riders.
I also have added no stirrup work. So last night when I rode. I worked on Lilly for the 1st part of my ride. Then I dropped those pesky stirrups and rode.

Amazing. When I sit up I'm not on her shoulders and she can use her back better and stays on the bit. O.o

While I was posting around with no stirrups I decided to do the canter. Now I picked up my stirrups and then let them go once I was in it. She's a little weak at the canter now, because of all the time off, and I didn't want to be flaying on her back.

She was getting tired at the end, so she was a little reluctant to pick up her right lead canter. So I tapped her, did a good lap and called it a day. Plenty of treats for the good girl.

I was walking around very sore and I'm glad I did all my barn chores before my ride. whew. -_-

I'm in a pair of dress slacks that got tight during my weight bulge, and now they fit comfortable. That makes me happy. But very happy now.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday was not a disaster

So I should have more faith in my mare sometimes. She handled the slop like a pro. She only spooked once, someone I think slammed something down in their trailer, but it wasn't in the show ring so who cares.

I get to the arena, when I realize I have no number. So I had to march all the way back to the truck and find it.

So I really had like a minute to warm up. So we go in and we do our test. It was a very accurate test and the judge noted that. In both tests she noted that she's stiff to the left. Which since she had her shots on Thursday I wasn't surprised I noticed that Saturday when I rode.

She was very tight through her back in Intro A.

In B, she was very relaxed. To the right, she really was bending and a good girl. Since she was stiff to the left I wasn't really forcing the issue, just asked and she gave me what she could.

We got a 9 on our free walk in B. In A we got an 8.

The judge talk to me a little bit about the saddle. She told me I needed a better saddle. She said my position is pretty good and not to get discouraged, and when I get a bigger saddle my seat should improve. So I was thankful for that.

We got 64% in Intro Test A, and 67.5% in Intro Test B. We got 2nd and 3rd, but I'm not sure which one in what. I was so tired and cold I wasn't really paying much attention to that detail. Scores matter more.

Friday, March 12, 2010


So I was thinking about what I'm going to wear on Sunday. I have a rule btw Dec-Feb if I show I don't dress up. So it being March I tend to start putting back the show clothes.

Well I still don't have my boots. My mother ordered me customs for Christmas, but it takes 12-16 weeks, so I'm still out of luck.

I have brown half chaps. So I'm probably going to head out to Dover to get black ones. I have my old tall boots, the but the zipper is busted. My calf is too large for them and they have protested vehemently last year.

But then again it's going to rain Sunday probably during my ride. So I may just opt for rainproof jacket, breeches, and chaps. Not ideal but comfortable.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ride Times & Sunday's disaster

So I ride at 9:38 and 10:08 on Sunday.
I'm not a pessimist, but I know my horse. She hates puddles. She will do anything, not to step in a puddle, and she doesn't care if you're left 18 feet behind her.

It's planning on raining starting late today until Sunday morning. So potentially I'm going to be riding in the rain. Fun stuff. But hey schooling shows are all about schooling.

So I'm planning on saddling up on Friday night or Saturday as long as it's not downpouring. May as well ride in the rain, since I'll get no rest from mother nature on Sunday. Hopefully Morven Park's footing isn't too bad.

Sun come back! :(

So it's going to rain starting later today.
Lilly is getting her spring shots. She's never gotten sore before, so hopefully she'll be fine.

I rode on Tuesday night. She was being awesome. The exercises that Kelly taught me are really starting to pay off. To ask her to get on the bit is starting to be easier and less of a fight.

Lilly hates the end of the arena. To her she sees scary horse eating hobgoblins lurking in the shadows. So she was good on the one end of the barn, but when we went to work in the opposite end, she just didn't have anything to do with listening to me. So I put my foot down. I rode her into the corners, tried to make her focus on me. Finally it seem like she was, than she bolted!

During the bolt I was having a slow thought process:
She's bolting.
Why is she bolting?
What do we do in a bolt situation?
Ah yes, the pulley-rein.
Apply pulley rein, bolt stopped.
I yelled at her and than we worked back in the scary corner.

She was fine after that. She still wanted to look a tad, but when I applied my aid, she listened too me.

Crazy mare.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beautiful Weekend

So Saturday I had a lesson scheduled with Kelly. Wasn't planning on scheduling one until late March, but I had some extra money so I figured why not.

So she came out and it was an awesome lesson. Lilly has rhythm, but she isn't relaxed. So we worked on getting her relaxed. It's amazing when she finally relaxes, she get's on the bit and is a rounder happier pony.

I got some pics, but of course I can't find my chord to my camera.

My friend took her first lesson with Kelly. She seem to have a great time.
A couple of us ladies sat back and watched Cherie's lesson and talked, and had a good time in the warm spring sunlight.

Of course we have our next show Sunday. Hopefully. I haven't gotten an email confirmation, so I hope my entry got in.

We did the same thing. Then we had a nice little trail around the barn and down the hill near the power lines.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Warm sun...

So Saturday I got to ride. I had to do my emissions test and I went to the tack store afterwards. I got a pair of crochet jumper gloves made by Ovation. 15 bucks, great investment.

There's this new lady at our barn. Lilly was running around bucking like a crazy woman and she asked me what she was. I responded "Appaloosa with TB, and QH blood mixed in. But right now she's Thoroughbred." She laughed.

But honestly she has her moments where she just likes to run. I was lunging her, when all a sudden her only purpose in life was to run like a banshee. She seems to get a little look in her eye, let's call it the look of the eagles. I kind of let her go, but I finally just asked her to stop. I think if I wasn't in control, she would have run for hours.

After I finished lunging her I hopped on. She wanted to pay attention to the little girl who was yelling and wooping and heeyaing her paint gelding. He's a trooper he goes all around the arena and returns back to where the mom was standing. Smart pony.

She was awesome. I think the break did her good. She didn't want to bend at the poll like before the snow storms, but good grief her canter was awesome. Especially towards the right. She was really engaging her hindquarters and all I had to do was sit and steer. But I didn't keep her going long, she was getting tired.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vacation Over...

So finally the weather is going to start being agreable. I have to get my emissions done, but afterwards we're going back to work.

I'm going to lunge her with side reins and maybe hope on for a few minutes.

I rode her Wednesday, nothing serious just up and down the road and up and down our hill that leads to some paddocks. Really all I could really do.

Thursday she was a little spitfire, so I was going to let her run around the arena. Well someone left the south gate open so she got loose. She ran around the barn and to the paddocks. She surprisingly was easy to catch.

I need to get out of bed and start my day. Panera sounds like a great breakfast. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

spotted demon

The snow has been on the ground for about 2 weeks now. Lilly had a total melt down last night. I wish it would have melted the snow with it.

I was also not in a good mood, so having her be a total butt didn't make my mood better. We just walked around the arena. But that was a fight. I didn't have a dressage whip. Every time I'd ask her to go, she was saying very vocally no!

We had two other fights and finally I just said screw it.
But we made up. Lots of face scratching. She's shedding a lot on her face, so she was thankful.

So today Ms. Hissy Fit will get ridden and she will walk forward.

On another note. I want these. These are so cool looking! haha

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cabin Fever

So I've been stuck on and off in the house this whole week. We've had two blizzards to strike our area. Tues-Wed's blizzard didn't hit us as hard, but it hit DC pretty hard, so I had off yesterday again. Which was actually fine, because I was god awful sick. I feel 80% better today. I still have a lingering headache, but ah well. Headaches I can deal with.

Stuck in my cabin feverness I did a lot of internet searching.

1. I've started pilates.
Just regular old pilates. I was reading another blog and she did a feature on pilates. So Tuesday when I got out of the house I grabbed a video and a pilates mat. Already my ab area feels sore. But I feel good. I'm only doing very basics but it's helped alot.

2. I've found a saddle.
I talked to the lady who owns it. It's a Jaguar priced super cheap (for a Jag) and she said I can come to her farm to try it out.
So if it fits and it isn't sold by the time I can go to her place I'll have a dressage saddle. It's very much loved. But it's still in good shape. When I saw the price I was worried that it would be in hideous condition, but no I was very surprised.

3. Change of Show Schedule.
I decided to switch my schedule. Primarly do to the snow and how this winter has been a hag. But the show schedule is always changing.

4. Farmville
Highly annoying and high addicting.

5. My Short Story
I've been editing and re-editing and chopping and... Well I need to give it a once over and send it to my editor.

6. I keep reminding myself
I love my parents. Because they're driving me nuts.

And I wonder when my custom boots will be ready....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dashing Thru the Snow

So if you haven't heard the Mid-Atlantic area was dumped with about 2-3 ft of snow. I didn't make it to the barn til yesterday. My friend picked me up and away we went.

I wanted to turn Lilly out in the other arena, I had to tread through 3' of snow. I let her out and realized there was a ton of snow btw the gate and the fence. So I had to smimmy the gate to the fence to get it closed. I had to take a breather because snow gives you a work out.

Then I turned out Frog who may be her new pasture buddy with her. Frog kind of wanted to run but this stuff was so thick they were like nah, we'll just stand in the warm sun.

I did my stall and took care of the boring business. I heard commotion, but it didn't sound like my horse. I checked nope. It was the other arena. They put a few horses that aren't use to one another. The big paint gelding didn't want the other paint near his Appy girlfriend. haha.

I was pretty much stuck at the barn until Cherie was done plowing the drive way. So I hopped on and where ever Lilly and Frog went I was just along for the ride. I got off and dug the snow way from the gate, so the next person could open it a bit easier.

After putting up Frog, I got back on Lilly. We had a blast. We rode all around the barn, she was jogging through the snow. She had to pick up her feet real high, so I think I was passaging around the place.
For whatever reason sometimes she wanted to jump into the deepest snow drift. I amused her, as long as we didn't go down the hill. I was paranoid she might hit the slick road and slip.
I was on for about an hour and half. Sometimes we trotted around other times we just both chilled and sunbathed.

After I got off I took out LC. Let him gallop and have fun. I saw his leg had a nasty cut. It was superficial but there was some swelling. Instead of cold hosing I just made him stand in the snow. It actually did help and I think walking around helped too. He was having a blast int he snow.

Federal government is closed. So I have the day off. The roads are semi-okay. I really want a steak and cheese sub and a caramel latte. So I may escape the confindes of the house again and go to Jerry's and Borders. I need to work on my story a bit. I wrote a short story, but I dunno I'm not happy with it, even tho my friend said she liked it. Oh well we're our biggest critics.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

riding is a dream

This winter has been awful in terms of riding. It's been start and stop since mid-December. I've decided not to enter the Feb Morven Park show. Just not enough prep time.

I was suppose to have a lesson with Lauren Sprieser, but that got nixed. We have the blizzard of the century blowing our way starting tomorrow.

I haven't ridden my horse seriously since..... Um... I'm not sure. Past ride was bareback in the snow. And the other ride was just up and down hills.

Time to hibernate. -_-

Monday, February 1, 2010

snow date

Saturday morning when I woke up at 5:00am not a snowflake in site. I did my usual early morning ritual. On weekends I have to do a few things before I can go back to sleep.

So when I woke up at 8:30 there was snow everywhere! Despite the aggravation of snow, it's been very pretty this year.

I went to the barn around 10. As I opened up the stall, Lilly decided that she was going to turn herself out and leapt over me and the wheelbarrow. I grabbed her by the blanket and she had the oh shit I'm in trouble look on her face. Judy the lady who's down the ways grabbed her halter for me and we captured the escape Appy.

So I tied her to the stall across so I could do her stall without her escaping again. She tried giving me the sorry eyes. But I told her she was still on the shit list.

I grabbed my bridle after I did my chores and we went for a little ride. Nancy got a few pics, but I can't find my camera cord. *x*

We had so much fun. Lilly has a very narrow build and her spine conveniently goes up the butt crack. *x* But as long as I sit very far back, it's fine. She actually has a comfortable little jog once you find the right place.

I lost my balance a little bit when she tripped over a hidden ground pole, but she stopped and I regained my balance and we trucked along.

More snow predicted for this weekend. augh. I have a lesson schedule with Lauren Sprieser. Hope it just snows on Sunday. :P

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 7th

Lilly's 7th birthday was on Monday. She of course really didn't seem to care why I was giving her the more than the usual amount of treats, but she was pleased.

Her paddock mate got the private paddock. I was on the list too. So now we're back to ourselves in a 4 horse paddock. Our barn is thinning out a lot. So I won't have to worry about dealing with someone for a while.


Our barn is a self-care co-op. We have 40 barns and I think like 12 paddocks. Each paddock has an alloted amount of horses. I am in a 4 horse paddock. So if someone comes in and wants to stick their horse in my paddock I can't say jack.

Most of the times its not the horses that don't get along its the people. I was lucky with LC's owners. They are nice. He does morning I bring his horse at night. But some folks are crazy. They treat horses like their babies. They're horses accidents happen. Other time its scheduling conflicts.

I wanted the private paddock, because it'd been so convienent. Lilly is a big anti-social like me. But she'd have another horse on the other side.

Ah well. Maybe next time.

She's getting her coggins pulled so I can enter the Feb Morven Park show. yay! Took the day off just for that.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Frightful Woods

So on MLK it was beautiful in Northern VA. I in the middle of January wore a t-shirt to the barn. My friend and I went on a trail ride. I just wanted to get Lilly on trail to have a peaceful and relaxing environment. Give her a break from the arena.

She had a complete mental breakdown. She was fine walking away from the barn. As soon as we turn to go back home, she just broke down. She wanted to jig not walk. I don't mind jigging, but then she wanted to pop up in a mini-rear and tried to bolt. Finally I just got off her and walked her back. She acted like a TB going to post for the KY Derby.

I think she just isn't comfortable with the woods closing around her. Even with a buddy she was totally a freak of nature. I may just have to take the time and go out in the woods each weekend. But it's hard to find someone who'll go out with ya. But ah well.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Appy

So our first show of the year was a good one. My only goals for the show was not to fall off.

I did quite well. She only had one moment and it wasn't really that bad. She just didn't listen to my leg and got super tense. She didn't spook just got tense when she heard the dump trucks outside the indoor arena.

The first test while she wasn't spooky she was a little worried. So she was slightly irregular in her rhythm. The photographer's camera sound made her a little jumpy. But otherwise she was good. We scored a 69.50% and got 3rd.

In the second class we scored 71.50% and got 1st. The judge asked me if she was Wap Spotted lined and I was nope. She's my Halter Breeding Reject.

So I'm very pleased with her. I'll have a video and a few pics up soon.