Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lease Headaches

I'm at a point in my life where I need to make tough decisions. I want my own farm. My horse costs money. My brain is starting to switch from a well I want to show and have fun to maybe we can do fun later and be a boring grown up for a while.

I told my friend back in high school I want my farm by age 30. I'll be 27 this year. My credit sucks. And I have a good dream and a great mare.

I've been fixing my issues with my credit, but it's a slow process. And I've been trying to figure out ways to maximize my savings and lessen my spending.

Easy stuff is well easy. Cut back on Starbucks. Maximize my trips. Shop less.

Hard things: the super mare.

The horse is the bulk of my expenses. She drains my paycheck quicker than a vampire at a blood drive. While Budi is paying for his own showing and stuff, I still have to pay the daily bills.

My drive this year has been lacking. My brain is concerned about so many things lately. I haven't talk to Budi yet, but I definitely will try and lease her out. The process is complicated.

She'd have to go to a good home. Of course.
I want her to stay on the feed program because it's a system I've found to work with her.
They'll have to agree to let Budi keep riding her.
Which also in turn means that she'll have to go to a barn convenient to him.
While she's calmer she's still a feisty mare, so she has to be matched to the perfect person.
They'll have to deal with me. I'm not going to be a passive owner who'll just forget their horse and maybe check up on it once a year. I'll probably want to see her every week.

So hopefully Budi has a client or a friend will have a student looking. I hate dealing with the tire kickers and annoying people who come and waste your time. My friend had a cowboy look at her TB hunter mare and was appalled that she didn't know how to rope. ::plain face:: She's a hunter not a cow horse.