Monday, March 7, 2011

TWA Jumper Results

So my fellow contractors are barred from accessing the Internet at work. So I'm typing this in my downtime on my iPod. So hopefully no crazy autocorrect fixes or bad grammar errors.

We headed to Hazelwild Farm Sat morning. She and her buddy Thomas went along. We get there and we warm up. Lilly gets pumped up and I can never get the bridle on quick enough. I dont get mad wih her but it is a chore. She's never seen a Liverpool and so that was one fence Budi practiced with.

She was tense but listening to him somewhat. She refused the Liverpool twice before sailing over it like it was a 6 feet oxer. Then we put her up. We had 3 classes before ours.

Budi wasn't a fan of the course design but eg what can you do. Her first class she was tense and running through his aids. She refused a jump that was at an odd angle and we got 2 time faults. But we were happy with her. We stood outside for a bit. Budi had a friend who videotaped it so I'll hav video soon. We all chilled and waited for the class to end.

5th place for Reys Go Go Dance. Lol. Wrong name. Revs GoGo Dancer is her correct name.

So next class 20 entries later. There were a ton of novice riders.

We hit the second class. She did awesome. She wasn't tense, she was listening to Budi, and didn't touch a rail. Budi almost forgot a fence but remembered in time. He had to cut a corner sharp so he wouldn't get a time fault. But all clear. Girlie did awesome. We are all proud of super mare.

We all had to be home early so we left without hearing the results. My friend texted me we got 3rd. Yay!

Next show Sandstone April 17th.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jumper Week

So this is Budi’s week. Show is on Saturday. Both Budi and I have other engagements, so our day is going to depend on the show. We plan to show her in Novice Jumper, 2’3”-2’6”. See how she does. If the show isn’t running too late, we’ll try her in Low Jumpers at 2’6” to 2’9”. I’ve been asked to work at Sakura and Budi has a client he has to do. So hopefully we can at least see how the spotted demon mare does.

She was funny the other day. Budi usually comes out and jumps her on Saturdays. This Saturday he couldn’t make it out. Sunday someone had put up little cross rails out and I was just planning on a boring ride. She was feeling lazy and I was feeling lazy. So we hacked out in the field, but it was kind of slick, so I went back to the arena and we just putzed around. I asked her for a canter was going to do circle work, when she totally veered of course.
At first I was like whaaa? Then I realized she wanted to go after the fence. Super mare was like Budi missed jumped day! But I’m still not up to jumping just yet. I’ll have to build up my confidence.

But here’s our jumping show schedule. My dressage schedule is still up in the air. If the federal government closes, I definitely will miss the Vada/Nova show.

Date Show
3/5/2011 TWA Jumper Show
4/17/2011 Sandstone Farm
5/21/2011 Sandstone Farm
6/18 or 19 Kelly’s Ford or Union Ridge
July 8th HITS
July 14+15th HITS

Aug HITS shows will depend on my leave time and how she does at the first two. We may also go to Upperville if we feel she does well at the first few shows.