Sunday, October 2, 2011

a blah year

This time last year I was gun ho! I wanted to move up to first level, do All-Breeds in Dressage, Budi was going to show Lilly in jumpers, and Mitchell Sport Horses (with one horse) was going to dominate.

Well my job was uncertain.

My body was revolting.

Mentally I was in a stink.

The body is almost fixed. But whatever it's going to be what it is and I've started to ride again. My brain I think has reconnected with my head. Unless I go postal I still have a job. Just still uncertain with what company.

Budi did do well with Lilly this year. Right now she sits at 15th in the VA in Low Jumpers. Which considering we've only did 3 schooling shows is not to shabby.

I need a lesson like nobody's business. Just my schedule has been retarted as heck.
Lilly has two more jumper shows with Budi. So Sandstone next Saturday and then Magnolia Jumper show on Oct. 22nd.

Then we close out the show season with a costume dressage show on Oct. 29th. Then the new show season starts Dec. 1st. I've done some pre-planning the rated shows, but the schooling shows won't release their dates until later.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

Sometimes the media drives me crazy, but I have to remind myself it is a 10 year anniversary. But every year I remember. Every year I tend to not do anything on 9-11. I don't sit at home in terror but I do remember those who lost their lives. Working at a federal agency 9-11 always seems to be a light day. It seems that our area is still not over the attacks. More people seem to just stay at home. So while it is a ten year anniversary and the media is pumping it up more than usual, no one has forgotten and people are still in terror of this day.

I was seventeen years ago sitting in English class. Our long-term sub came in with a morbid look on her face. She said one of the Twin Towers had been hit with an airplane. I looked at her and said "That's a really morbid joke." She said it was no joke. She said the reason she was late is that all the teachers were briefed not to let us watch it. We were all in lock-down mode.

She defied the principal like many teachers did that day and we watched the horror that was taking place. We saw the second plane hit the tower. My classmates were crying, shouting in rage, or sitting quietly watching everything unfold. Then reports of a plane hitting the Pentagon had many of us worried. Many of us had family or friends who worked in D.C.

Living so close to D.C. we all knew someone who was involved. One of my favorite sushi customers actually worked in the Pentagon. She got up from her desk to get an orange juice. She lost so many of her friends and co-workers that day.

We will remember this day. We will remember those who lost their lives. We will never forget.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

mini update

So lately it's been quiet. I found a lady who's half leasing Lilly.
I had plans to breed her next year, but the plan to buy my own property is growing stronger. So I'm trying to strap down the wallet some. Put more in savings. And maybe sometime next year I'll have my first mortgage.

Lilly is going to a show on Sunday at Fox Chase. So we'll see how she does.

I plan on showing in October and November. I want to do an abbreviate show season to try and qualify for All Breeds for 2012. So show in Nov-April-May and if I have my 8 scores be done with it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

HITS Recap

Week 1
We went to HITS in Culpeper, VA first week in July. The weather was steamy. This is my second recognized hunter/jumper show. So it’s a little mind boggling. Atmosphere of a big hunter/jumper show is totally different from a big dressage show. But I do like the jumper crowd a lot better.

So we got to the showgrounds early. But the class had over 40 horses I think at the end of the day I think the class had 50 horses. Budi and I pretty much just relaxed for a bit. He studied the course and we got our number at the show office. We got to watch some of the class. Then we got the super mare ready.

Of course with Upperville fresh in my mind I was a little worried. Is she going to be demon mare? Would she be a good girl? Just never know with this quirky Appaloosa. After tacking her up we went to the warm up arena. The whole procedure at securing a warm up jump is something new to me. You kind of have to be at the right place at the right time to grab a spot before someone else.

We warmed her up and she was fine. She seemed loose, happy, and relaxed. Then we waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally it was show time. I was so nervous. Budi was like what’s the jump off. I’m like you’re hopefully today.

She did very well. Jumped every single fence. There were a few she backed off from, but clear round. She proceeded to the jump off. Budi came out of the ring and was smiling and relieved. He told me that he was smacking her the whole trip. He didn’t want her to refuse a jump.

She pinned 7th. We were pleased. So we chilled and waited under the shade and let Lilly eat grass. Then we waited.

Our second class came. I told Budi about the Bronze studbook and he was like alright let’s go. At the time I thought she had to be 1st or 2nd. So Budi put a little more speed and she did well.
Super mare had come out today.

Level 0 Jumpers.

Level 1 Jumpers
missed the first fence. *x* A lil unsteady with the camera as well.

HITS Week 2
Well this one will be brief. Demon mare came out to play today. Apparently the third and forth fence just did not sit well with her. She refused them in both classes. We were suppose to do Saturday as well, but Budi’s son got sick so he had to cancel.
One silver lining. I guess I over paid and had a $150 credit. I have no idea how I overpaid that much, but oh well. Pretty much have the next show paid for.
But I have a feeling she’s not feeling good. Not sure what, but she just looks blah. I gave her a whole week off. And I’ll start back riding soon.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Short of It

Sorry for the gap in posting. Life seems to be on light speed. And I’m barely keeping up with it.

Union Ridge
She was an absolute fabtastic super mare! She was calm, cool, and level headed. She listened to Budi was jumping awesome. Budi jumped an added fence and got eliminated in our first class. But the rest was fine. We ended up getting Champion in Low Jumpers or Schooling I can’t remember. So good girl.

Upperville Fiasco
So we were feeling quiet good after Union Ridge. So Upperville was next up. She was a freaking mess. She refused jumps and Budi fell off on the first day. Next day same thing, except Budi stayed on. When she did jump she jumped beautifully, but she never did complete a full course.
Budi and I started talking about things. Budi felt that she was scared. Her problem is that she lacks confidence and she’s much too careful about jumping. So when she gets scared she just flat out refuses. So we scratched out of Wed classes.
I think we got a little too excited and may have pushed her prematurely. Fences may have only been 3’3”, but when you add all the other elements the fences do look a lot bigger than they are. So we reevaluated our plans for HITS.
We talked about things and decided to do HITS, but Levels 0 and 1, which are 2’7 and 2’11. We think the smaller fences may be a little more inviting and friendlier for her. Get her confidence up. We don’t want to ruin her.

QRC Schooling Shows
So last little show update. My student who’s a cute teenager rode Lilly in her first dressage show. Lilly was a packer. She got in the show arena and basically had the look on her face, “Kid just steer and I’ll do the rest.” And so she did. It was a Fix-A-Test type clinic so Kaelin rode twice. The rider has a lot of potential and she has her issue when she gets nervous that her heels creep up and her hands do the same. So judge gave her a mini lesson and worked with her. Her next test she could have gotten a higher score if instructor had read her test correctly. My Ipod died and so I was doing Intro A from memory and well I missed a part. But regardless she still scored in the 60s% and did very well.
The judge fussed at me for not riding and so she convinced me to ride. She was one of the judges that convinced me to get into dressage in the first place. So I hoped on and barely remembered Training Level Test 3. Did it correctly, but of course it wasn’t the best showing. What the judge did help me with is show me how to properly do the stretchy circle at the trot. How she explained it I got it. So it was a good experience.

This Friday we’re doing HITS. Saturday my student will be showing her again. This week is going to be a busy one. Then next Fri and Saturday we’re back in Culpeper for HITS. Busy and fun times.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lease Headaches

I'm at a point in my life where I need to make tough decisions. I want my own farm. My horse costs money. My brain is starting to switch from a well I want to show and have fun to maybe we can do fun later and be a boring grown up for a while.

I told my friend back in high school I want my farm by age 30. I'll be 27 this year. My credit sucks. And I have a good dream and a great mare.

I've been fixing my issues with my credit, but it's a slow process. And I've been trying to figure out ways to maximize my savings and lessen my spending.

Easy stuff is well easy. Cut back on Starbucks. Maximize my trips. Shop less.

Hard things: the super mare.

The horse is the bulk of my expenses. She drains my paycheck quicker than a vampire at a blood drive. While Budi is paying for his own showing and stuff, I still have to pay the daily bills.

My drive this year has been lacking. My brain is concerned about so many things lately. I haven't talk to Budi yet, but I definitely will try and lease her out. The process is complicated.

She'd have to go to a good home. Of course.
I want her to stay on the feed program because it's a system I've found to work with her.
They'll have to agree to let Budi keep riding her.
Which also in turn means that she'll have to go to a barn convenient to him.
While she's calmer she's still a feisty mare, so she has to be matched to the perfect person.
They'll have to deal with me. I'm not going to be a passive owner who'll just forget their horse and maybe check up on it once a year. I'll probably want to see her every week.

So hopefully Budi has a client or a friend will have a student looking. I hate dealing with the tire kickers and annoying people who come and waste your time. My friend had a cowboy look at her TB hunter mare and was appalled that she didn't know how to rope. ::plain face:: She's a hunter not a cow horse.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sandstone Jumper Show

I'm a bit distracted due to the Caps game, but I need to write this post.

I left the barn early Sunday morning. Budi was going to meet me in Marshall, VA. About to load her when I notice she's twitching all over. OMG! I'm like she's been tested for HYPP and she's negative. I was freaking out until I realized, darn it's pretty cold and she was clipped. So I loaded her and when I stopped for gas she had stopped shivering. Yup goofy owner.

We get to showgrounds. I have to say the drive out there was beautiful! Made me want to win the lottery now and move out there. Tho I've decided I want to move to Marshall, VA instead. :P

Budi warms her up and takes the liverpool. I think she's gotten over the liverpool now. Then 3 hours later we wait for our first class Low Jumpers 2'6-2'9".
She was doing so well until the dreaded blue and orange plank fence. She came to a screeching halt. Twice.
Elimation. (I didn't know 2 tries was the new rule. Was use to 3x.) Budi asked the judge if he could jump it again and she said yes. So he did and she soared over it like it was 5' high.

I could hear a lot of people talk about her. That Appy can jump. That mare has a lot of scope. Nice for an App. Those type of comments. When she refused they were all like oh no! She was doing so well!

The red and yellow combo was the toughie that time. She balked again at the colorful combo and while she took it again, Budi decided to retire. The owner of the farm was like you weren't out. Budi had his plan. He said it didn't matter he knew she would jump the last two fences, the combos were what she needed schooling in.

So we waited for the last class Schooling Jumper. It got delayed a bit but finally Budi and Lilly did their round. She did fantastic! It was her first time doing a full course of fences higher than 3'. I was so happy.

Budi was happy. When we came out of the arena he was like is there a jump-off? I'm like no. I'll double check but I think time in the first round is what they pin. He was like if there's a jump-off scratch. He wanted to end her on that.

She pinned 5th in a very competitive field. Supermare definitely did awesome. Next show is May 1st at Union Ridge.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I haven't died, tho my laptop did for a good while.

Lilly is doing great. We are prepping for the next jumper show. She'll be at Sandstone Farm.

We've decided to do Upperville Colt & Horse Show.

She's jumped 3'8", and did well.

My friend dressage show is going to be a schooling show May 7th and then May 15th we're going to Doswell for a dressage show down there. Only doing one day.

I don't plan on showing very much this year. Money and just cautious about it since our contract is coming up for renewal. But I plan on going to Doswell and PVDA Ride for Life at least.

Monday, March 7, 2011

TWA Jumper Results

So my fellow contractors are barred from accessing the Internet at work. So I'm typing this in my downtime on my iPod. So hopefully no crazy autocorrect fixes or bad grammar errors.

We headed to Hazelwild Farm Sat morning. She and her buddy Thomas went along. We get there and we warm up. Lilly gets pumped up and I can never get the bridle on quick enough. I dont get mad wih her but it is a chore. She's never seen a Liverpool and so that was one fence Budi practiced with.

She was tense but listening to him somewhat. She refused the Liverpool twice before sailing over it like it was a 6 feet oxer. Then we put her up. We had 3 classes before ours.

Budi wasn't a fan of the course design but eg what can you do. Her first class she was tense and running through his aids. She refused a jump that was at an odd angle and we got 2 time faults. But we were happy with her. We stood outside for a bit. Budi had a friend who videotaped it so I'll hav video soon. We all chilled and waited for the class to end.

5th place for Reys Go Go Dance. Lol. Wrong name. Revs GoGo Dancer is her correct name.

So next class 20 entries later. There were a ton of novice riders.

We hit the second class. She did awesome. She wasn't tense, she was listening to Budi, and didn't touch a rail. Budi almost forgot a fence but remembered in time. He had to cut a corner sharp so he wouldn't get a time fault. But all clear. Girlie did awesome. We are all proud of super mare.

We all had to be home early so we left without hearing the results. My friend texted me we got 3rd. Yay!

Next show Sandstone April 17th.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jumper Week

So this is Budi’s week. Show is on Saturday. Both Budi and I have other engagements, so our day is going to depend on the show. We plan to show her in Novice Jumper, 2’3”-2’6”. See how she does. If the show isn’t running too late, we’ll try her in Low Jumpers at 2’6” to 2’9”. I’ve been asked to work at Sakura and Budi has a client he has to do. So hopefully we can at least see how the spotted demon mare does.

She was funny the other day. Budi usually comes out and jumps her on Saturdays. This Saturday he couldn’t make it out. Sunday someone had put up little cross rails out and I was just planning on a boring ride. She was feeling lazy and I was feeling lazy. So we hacked out in the field, but it was kind of slick, so I went back to the arena and we just putzed around. I asked her for a canter was going to do circle work, when she totally veered of course.
At first I was like whaaa? Then I realized she wanted to go after the fence. Super mare was like Budi missed jumped day! But I’m still not up to jumping just yet. I’ll have to build up my confidence.

But here’s our jumping show schedule. My dressage schedule is still up in the air. If the federal government closes, I definitely will miss the Vada/Nova show.

Date Show
3/5/2011 TWA Jumper Show
4/17/2011 Sandstone Farm
5/21/2011 Sandstone Farm
6/18 or 19 Kelly’s Ford or Union Ridge
July 8th HITS
July 14+15th HITS

Aug HITS shows will depend on my leave time and how she does at the first two. We may also go to Upperville if we feel she does well at the first few shows.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Everybody thinks that their horses are the best thing since sliced bread. It’s like our children everyone else may think he’s the ugliest thing in the world, but we’re proud parents we think our children are cute, smart, and awesome. I know there are people that would look at Lilly and think ugly and dumb Appaloosa mare, but they at the end of the day she comes back on my trailer.
I use Lilly teach beginner lessons on. She’s very good with kids and beginners. Of course her lesson kids love her. My one student couldn’t get her gelding on the trailer so I used Lilly for her lesson. My student needed to work at the trot and Lilly was on auto-pilot just trotting away and so my student had good opportunity to work on her 2-point and posting without having to kick or prod or shoo forward.
Trainers. The trainers I work with of course have their private opinions. But I’m a good fisher of bullshit. So I never get a vibe that they’re just out for a paycheck and don’t take the Appy seriously.
Budi is the only trainer that has ever ridden Lilly. Anytime I watch him ride he get’s excited and talks to me how awesome she is. He wants to attack the HITS series. He also really wants to see her offspring. He really encouraged me that she’s too special not to breed. He really believes that she’d be a great foundation mare for my program. This is what one of the reasons I bought her. Though I originally thought she’d be my hunter pony, but paths seldom go the way we truly planned.
Budi wants to try and go for embryo transfer. But the cost is a halting factor. I think on a cheap end it is $3,000 but my friends say the average is $6,000. Money I don’t have. I really want to save up to put a down payment on a house in 2yrs. What I need is a better job or win the Megamillions, but I got to work with what I have. The dreams are bigger than the pocketbook. But I believe that one day I’ll have my program. I do want to breed Appy Sport Horses and be like the Iron Spring Farms of the ApSHA world.
I believe in my mare and I have a group of folks who do too. One step at a time and we’ll see how things turn out. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Lilly

My demon mare is 8 years old today. I took the day off to go to the doctor and to just enjoy myself. We hacked lightly around the farm. I wanted to ride in the grass field, but that almost turned into a disaster. I trotted and she lost her footing and almost fell. So we just walked and had a good light ride.

My tall boots are back from being resized. They are awesome. Still a touch too tall, but otherwise they rock. :D

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jan. 3rd Lesson

One of the judges Aviva Nebesky who came to our schooling shows had offered us a clinic last year. But with everyone's schedules and such it was just didn't work out. Well Aviva is a facebook friend and she saw one of my new year's resolutions was to school first level.

So she told me to visit her anytime for lessons. So I had Sunday free so I asked a friend and we both headed up to Bowie, MD.

She had a cute little place with a lovely indoor arena. Lilly was terrified the horse in the mirror. But after getting her craziness out, she worked really well.

Aviva’s a super teacher. She started working me to the right. And my right shoulder started acting up again. (In addition to the shoulder my carpel tunnel crept back in recently.) I let her know. So she had me work to the left. We did circles and work on getting her to use her hindquarters underneath her more.

Lilly was a rock star. It was really a nice feeling having her really use her hindquarters and be in good rhythm. We worked to the right a bit. Aviva remarked that she thinks I hold my rein too strong. She thinks I’m compensating because I think my right shoulder is weak and I let go of the left rein too much.

The trot work was fabulous. I think my super mare is starting to really grow up. She’s resisting less and now instead of taking forever to decide if she may want to be submissive and give to the bit, she just needs a bit of warm up

Canter work was a real treat. We worked again to get her through the bridle and using her hindquarters. We worked the circle then she had me canter the long sides. During the long side Aviva shouted there you go, that’s a lovely uphill canter, and it felt awesome! Big smiles.

I am happy that my training has come so far with Lilly. She’s a tough cookie, but when she wants to be she’s a good girl. Despite being an Appy I haven’t ever had anyone tell me get a WB. You need a WB to succeed. Judges comments and trainers comment usually say she’s a good mover, and has promise. Lately she’s been working with me rather than against me to shine. So we’ll continue to do this dressage thang. :D I’m probably not going to show as much as I originally had planned, but I hope to do well regardless.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolution

These are just a few of my new's years resolutions.

1) Get her into the Bronze Studbook.
Get 60% in either Training Level or First Level 1 in USDF competition.
Place top 6 in Level 1 Jumpers are higher with at least 15 entries in the class, "A" level shows.

2) School 1st Level and show at least once.

3) Qualify for a championship. (Going will depend on funds.) GAIGs, HITS, or BLMs.