Monday, February 6, 2012

Lilly update

So here's a quickish update.

Dr. Davis came out the Monday after Lilly was lame those two days.

She's totally sound.

So Dr. Davis told me to just keep an eye, if after the fifth dose of Adequan if reversed again, we'd start her on Lyme's treatment.

Lilly is doing great. I guess the Adequan is doing its thing.

I have my entry forms prepped for the March 24th show at Morven Park. Hopefully I'll get in. I forget that Vada/Nova shows fill up quick.

I also have my entry prepped for the Vada/Nova Licensed show.

Just my weekends have been so jammed pack, that I'm like I want to see my trainer, but just don't have the time to haul. augh.

We'll find a way.