Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sale Items

All prices are nego. Shipping is not included. I will ship the saddle for the price UPS quotes me. Email for any questions.
Large Red Slinky.-$25
Doesn't fit my current horse. Has a small tear in one of the eye holes.

Double Bridle-$25
Has one pair of reins and the snaffle bit. Been used lightly.

SMD Elite Boots-$15
size large.

Faded red lunge Line-$5

Oster Clippers-$5

Hunter Bridle-cob size-$15

Purple Silver Mesa English Saddle Bag-$20

2 Bits-$5 each
The copper is slightly peeling on the correction curb. The correction curb I got from SS Tack.

Dover saddle pad-maroon with hunter piping-$5

Little handheld clippers, no back cover-$5

Black Reed Hill Derby-$65
size 7, never been to a show (will include the price of the hat carrier, see below. If you don't want $45)

Hard Hat Carrier-$30
Nice quality hat carrier.

synthetic western saddle-$200
Would fit more high withered narrow horses than stocky horses.
Includes cinch, matching bridle, saddle bags

Buchelous Breyer-$20

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