Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Show Season

This is going to be a crazy year. Of course as the year goes on, I'll have to tweek it and change things. Budi may have to take Lilly without me. But we'll see how everything works out.

Feb. 5th: Jumpers @Frying Pan Park
Mar 11th: Jumpers @Frying Pan Park
Mar 24th: Vada/Nova Schooling @Morven Park
April 7th+8th: Vada/Nova Licensed Show
April 18th-22nd: HITS Jumpers
or April 22nd: Sandstone Jumpers
May 5th-6th: Dressage at the Meadows Vada Central
May 20th: Moriah Jumpers
May 26th: Dressage @ Heavenly Waters
May 28th: THE Shows @Fox Whisper Farms (students)
June 3rd: Moriah Jumpers
June 9th: VADA/NOVA Dressage
June 10th: THE Shows @Fox Whisper Farms (students)
June 23rd-24th: PVDA Ride for Life
July 4th-8th: HITS (prob just do Wed-Thur)
July 7th: THE Shows @Fox Whisper Farms (students)
July 11-15th: HITS
July 13th-15th: Dressage At Lexington
(This is going to be a lets see how she's doing in jumpers and dressage. But I think I am going to try and do the VADA Fall Competition and she has never shown u/s at Lexington)
July 29th: Moriah Jumpers
Aug. 4th: THE Shows @Fox Whisper Farms (students)
Aug. 5th: Moriah Jumpers
Aug. 12th: Vada Schooling/Vada Breed Show
Aug. 15th-19th: HITS Culpeper
Aug. 22nd-26th: HITS Culpeper
Sept. 9th: Moriah Jumpers
Sept. 2nd: THE Shows @Fox Whisper Farms (students)
Sept. 15th-16th: VADAF @Rosemont Farm
Sept. 22nd: Moriah Jumpers
Sept. 25th-Sept. 30th: Dressage at Devon (prob just going not showing)
Oct. 6th: THE Shows @Fox Whisper Farms (students)
Oct. 18th-21st: Vada Fall Competition
Nov. 1st-4th: GAIGs

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